ZaximusDeCimus -Signature profile Artist

I am the old sig maker on the old forums heres my gallery if the rules have changed let me know about size and protocol I must obey on the these new forums heres some of my old work

I know a lot of OG forum users lost their Sigs I made them but don’t worry I still have them, the forums label me a new user so I cant post images for a gallery

ill post more Pc is slow on library transfer hold tight

I will hit u up. When I get an original sig

I made a few hundred for the old forums and I still have the codes for them I just don’t remember the names of the people who lost all that art I made them are they allowing sigs on here ? I was gonna make a gallery for users to remember their sigs I made but I just created new emails and so it says I cant post pictures.

IDK ask adam…pretty sure the forums have some updates comming up.

yeah I remember they could have been 640 x 160 ??? how do I reach adam ? lol these forums are quite different

idk…find one of my topics and find his profile…he be dawgin me some…

lol yeah im gonna be on my best behavior here there were tensions some time on the old forums but my artwork sig stuff was highly praised and like I said I made a lot and they were hosted on a site so I have all the codes but I have no idea if they can be attached right now on this particular format but if anyone can give me a link on how to get ahold of whoever I need to write too if I can even get these people their sigs back I know a lot of people are gonna want their signatures back but however it works I have no idea.
I need sizes,directions on how to attach plus if I need to resize them or if they can even be used like I said they were on each post of the blogger,everytime they posted anything and they were allowed to be 640 x 160 max size for a signature.

If you have feedback regarding Signatures, be sure to leave it here so @rukizzel can see it.