You're a Heavyweight? - TJ Combo "Combo" Thread

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The champ returns to layeth the smackdown in these combos!

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For all you TJ Players out there who think TJ can’t be stylish in his combos!

@RafaMang & @JazzmanBombo201, Tagging you guys, so maybe you can get or make some cool new combos!


Thank you @TheNinjaOstrich , great video, I’ve watch it several times (I already was subscribed to your channel XD). TJ is always amazing me with how many possibilities he has, is like they’re new stuffs to learn all the time.

One thing I like about TJ is how he can manage to do some awesome combos in a lot of creative ways.

I personally enjoy doing short damaging combos (using a lot of auto barrage), and because my skill level is not high enough.

This kind videos help me and motivate me to try new stuffs.

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Glad I could help! Any chance I get, I’ll help someone in need. I’m glad you can get something from this! It motivates me to make more videos. :smile:

Thanks! Feedback & Constructive Criticism is always welcome! :slight_smile:

Love this video man keep up the good work hey do think you can play today

Not today, work has been hectic, but I promise soon. :slight_smile:

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TJ goin to work!!

Decided to mess around with TJ’s Instinct to see just how much damage I could do.
I am not disappointed.

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Please be careful with this as it is ALL breakable from start to finish.


I figured it’d be pretty easy to break since it’s almost entirely heavies and mediums in the same order on repeat. I tend to try and find really big damage, high risk stuff instead of tricky break set-ups, which has probably detrimental to my play.

Also, thanks for keeping TJ looking beautiful and terrifying, Mr Smash. I’ve watched a lot of your stuff and tried to take influence where I can.

Going for the flash


Wow, this is nuts! I didn’t know you could combo into all of that! Like Crouching Heavy into Light Kick. This had me like : :astonished:

Cool combo! I have to practice now, lol

TJ RIP’s a teabagger (I only recorded a portion of this match).


You had me at 90 lol good stuff bro

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