Your top 3 and worst ultra hit sounds

While a lot of the ultra sounds are mildly samey and pretty nice to listen, some are really grating or really good. I’m referring to how each theme has its own hit sounds, not the rhythm of each character’s ultra

Aganos and thunder and jago are probably my favourites.

Personally I think rash fulgore and gargos all have really grating ultras for their theme. Theyre all so shrill and you cant really hear anything. A shame too i really like fulgores and rash’s theme.

Top 3:

  1. Tiger Lair,
  2. Shadow Tiger Lair,
  3. Forbidden Archive or Forgotten Grotto(both are equally matched)
    (honorable mention: Arena of Judgement)

Worst 3:

  1. Gargos Theme
  2. Village of Whispers
  3. Ice Haven
    (honorable mention: Downtown Demolition)

Top 3 Best

3.) Glacius (On full blast this one sounds epic, each note is well emphasized with each synthesized beat and the bass is truly outstanding in complementing each hit, although recapture ultra hits sound a bit broken sometimes).

2.) Aria (Super techno but each hit is outstanding in making the hit feel like it hit with an impact. The ending also ends on a strong note, making recaptured ultra sounds even better).

Honorable Mention: Arbiter (The choir is beautiful)

1.) Jago (The theme is brilliant in all regards. The strings and end note are truly sublime and my favorite of the game).

Top 3 Worst

3.) Kim Wu (It sounds bland… I really had high hopes for it upon my initial impression, but because it decided to flatten the tone up until the last note it just sounds bland. This one had the potential to be the best because its strings but ultimately it was and is a letdown).

2.) Gargos (There is just too much going on with this one that it is hard to appreciate the sound of each note as it comes from a hit, it almost sounded like it would’ve been epic due to the sheer rock aspect, but it couldn’t compare to Cinder’s).

Honorable Mention: Riptor (I guess I should’ve put Kim here instead, but the fact that I truly see how Kim had the potential of being good makes it stand out more. Riptor is simply bland).

1.) Hisako (It is just awful and I must say it rapes the ear. It is terribly discomforting to listen to each note as it resonates so much in a bad way).

Top 3:

  1. Dunno
  2. Dunno
  3. Dunno

Worst 3:

  1. Dunno
  2. Dunno
  3. Dunno


Well, at least you kept the format right.



  1. Jago’s Theme
  2. Orchid’s Theme
  3. Thunder’s Theme

Least Favorite:

  1. Gargos’s Theme
  2. Tusk’s Theme
  3. General RAAM’s Theme

1.Tusk theme
2.Eyedol theme
3.Spinal theme (dat choir on some hits)

eeh idk i like all

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Top 3 Best (No particular order):

  1. The Tiger Warrior
  2. Polemos
  3. Champion of Sanghelios
    (Honorable Mentions: For the Horde!, Hinnamatoom, Shatterhail, Sandstorm, Enter the Battletoad, Nocturne in Blood)

Top 3 Worst (No particular order):

  1. Village of Whispers
  2. .execute
  3. Hatchery 09
    (Dishonorable mentions: Kneel to Your God, Touch Me and I’ll Break Your Face)

In my case I enjoy listening to pretty much ALL of the Musical Ultras :slight_smile:

Top 3:
1.) Aganos
2.) Jago
3.) Kan-Ra

Top 3 (Worst):
1.) Gargos
2.) Tusk
3.) Hisako

The ultra themes?

Top 3




For now anyway.

3 favorite ultra themes

3 worst


  1. Eyedol
  2. Arbiter
  3. Aganos


  1. Gargos
  2. TJ Combo
  3. Shadow Jago