"Your life, my play thing" - My Mira fanart

Just felt like drawing Mira:

You can see it, and more, on my DA gallery here:


With fan service added to the mix, Awesome victory.

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A bit of bloody boobage for the people. XD

Cool when is Kim Wu

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Never. :wink:

Why is her blood red?

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… Why do you think that’s her blood? :wink:

Also, she’s not wearing her gauntlets.

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Nice! I didn’t know you could draw @anon39655210!


Thanks. ^^
I should draw more often, really. Kinda comes in waves, with long dry phases in between…

I must confess, that I have strong urges. But I’m fighting it…

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Skarlet from Mortal Kombat is another of my fave characters… I’ve heard them all. XD

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m also a gay man with many female friends… I’m not easily grossed out when it comes to the female anatomy and ecology. I’ve seen a birth.

… I might have a very strange relationship to blood after all…

1.watch the video ( : ^3

2.I’m more into bloody season then you’d think, I actually like it! ALOT!

I shall henceforth name you the Red Baron.
And no, I’m not watching that video.

don’t you trust me… :cry:


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Neat if rather sexy fanart of Mira

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