Your KI and KI2 main(s)?


Just curious. After owning the games since I bough the complete KI3 back in December I finally decided to give them a shot today. They are actually really fun lol

Anyway, Spinal is my favorite character but idk how he plays in these games, so I decided to roll with Fulgore who I also like a lot, and I know he has the basic fireball and dragon punch motions. I actually managed to beat the ladders in both games with him tonight (Eyedol was such a pain lol) :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, which character(s) do you main in the classic KI games? You can also feel free to tell why you chose to main them in particular if you’d like :slight_smile:

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KI1: Riptor, Sabrewulf, Cinder
KI2: Kim Wu, Sabrewulf, Tusk

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KI1: Jago

KI2: Kim Wu, TJ Combo

KI3 has all of them! Yay!

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KI1: Jago and Fulgore

KI2: Jago, Kim Wu, and Fulgore

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Cinder and Tusk

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I used to wreck people with TJ COmbo in KI1.

Ki2, I mainly used Tusk…but could also used TJ and Fulgore.

Fulgore was always my favorite in KI1, but I was best with TJ Combo. He is just to fast and too powerful!


KI1: Riptor

KI2: Maya

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KI1: Fulgore
KI2: Jago & Glacius

Oddly enough they’re my 3 mains in KI3 as well.[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:7, topic:6021”]
Fulgore was always my favorite in KI1,
[/quote] Mine too…sounds kinda lame, but I liked how he had a combo that, except for the ender, could be done completely with fierce kick.


He just looked so freaking awesome and his teleport DP ender was just sick!!!


Now I’m wondering if you have a secret TJ Combo we don’t know about. :open_mouth:


From Ki classic I do and from the knew one as well but I haven’t played him in months at a high level. He was my first shadow and went 35-60 or something like that.
there are just so many characters that I can play and that im good with I cant play them all on a consistent basis. I tried to yesterday and I was like damn…we are at the point of too many characters in the roster.

Im not for a Season 4… the ext version of this KI needs to be KI part 2. No room for more characters after Season 3.

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TL:DR; “I’m just so good at this game, you guys!”


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After we get big homie Gargos and Lord Eyedol that is :wink:


I actually am pretty bad at it lol I can’t do any combos in KI or KI2, the only combo I can do is this one triple manual in KI2 I managed to figure out but other than that I can’t do anything fancy like the AI does lol


KI1 and 2 are from the time period where I was beyond terrible at 2d fighters. I was able to learn Dead Or Alive games and Soul Calibur 2/3 pretty well, but I was awful at any SF or MK I tried. I was passable with Vertigo in Primal Rage, and though I liked watching KI I couldn’t play it to save my life.

I like to think I’m decent at the modern day one, and I’m not sure how much of that is due to the new game’s systems being simplified a bit, or that since I’m older I’ve been able to understand it better. Playing this has at least improved my 2d understanding somewhat, because I have Darkstalkers 3 on my PS Vita and I definitely play it better now than I did before.

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Man I sure hope so! I was reading the other thread about available slots left and its either we get Gargos and Eydol + 1-2 new characters or we dot get either and get 4 new characters.

I just don’t know what to think right now about the roster.

Have you ever used Eyedol or Gargos in the Classic game? LOL…Eyedol is pretty awesome! Gargos isnt really that great IMO…but I think the new Gargos has a lot of potential if they do it right.

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I don’t know if I have played as them or not, I want to say that I did in training mode? Maybe that was against them lol

Yeah I think Eyedol was better than Gargos in the old games though. He was a hell of a lot harder to beat lol it probably took me 20+ tries to beat Eyedol in KI1, while I beat Gargos in only a few tries in KI2

I feel you on the roster thing though. There are only 2 unannounced/unleaked characters right? Hopefully its the two Shadow Lor…ugh I mean warlords :wink:

I do think the new Gargos will be awesome though. If the little picture that pops up when Shago’s Instinct is activated is any indication of how he will look…he’s gonna be epic lol


And the Player Icon from Shagos batch of Icons (The one I currently use) that’s also Gargos. I wish he would look like that dude that makes all the Art work and concepts. His Gargos looks the best IMO.

If you want the code to play as Eyedol and Gargos I can send to you when I get home or you can search for it on google. Eyedol is something like select Cinder and press all 6 buttons then hit down …something like that.

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Yeah that image of Gargos is awesome, he looks a million times better than he used to lol and yeah man ill google it real quick and try him out sometime soon. I wonder how big he is going to be in this game, imagine if he was Aganos size with wings and all lol

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