Your favorite Combo Breaker/CEO moments from this year

If you watched CB/CEO this year (especially top 8) and clipped some of the highlights, I want to see them.

Link your favorites below! (and yes I’m asking for a reason - just not saying why juuuuuuust yet! :slight_smile: )

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I personally liked CB more, top 24 was really amazing. However I made a clip for CEO

Hey snickerdoodle!

While the final showdown between Aganos & Jago was an absolute must-see, (and I was cheering on the golem the whole time!), this fight between Riptor & Rash was TOO MUCH FUN! :fire:

I hope it helps that I’ve posted the video below, and I’ve noted a few moments/timestamps that were particularly awesome: :t_rex:VS :frog:

12;50 Riptor’s c-c-come back begins here, and it’s a fantastic 2-3 battle overall!

13;50 As a Riptor main, I :purple_heart::green_heart::purple_heart: the “double-throw,” not just for the chunky damage, and for the shock value of going from run into throw twice or more in a row if I can get away with it, but because she has the coolest throwing animations in the game. Gotta watch the double-throw!

14;38 DOUBLE KO! :skull::skull:

I hope this helps, @snickerdoodle! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! :t_rex:


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