Your best clutch moments?

And for everyone’s enjoyment… here’s an old clutch moment from a while back… against a S2 Kan Ra at that!

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Both your videos are like “psssh, who needs health bars anyway.” You hipster, you. :wink:

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Necro-ing this thread because I can, so there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s me and @TRXPICSTRX in the midst of an extended set in exhibition the other day, where lots of things were seemingly going wrong for the both of us, (dropped combos, random button presses and shadow moves ahoy!) I think we were both experiencing lag at different times during the set, me seemingly having balloon fingers, etc.

So I very, very nearly got my butt beat, but managed a comeback I think surprised us both, thanks to there being enough potential damage built up for this to have worked and my jumping medium kick timing. :smiley: @TRXPICSTRX’s Riptor is scary and I’d already lost a lot to him in this set so I was never expecting this to happen:-


This would probably be mine. We all know how nightmarish Shadow Jago can be when he litters the field with fireballs, I couldn’t even take chip from any of them. I needed to play to perfection and make reads like no other. If he hadn’t tried to throw a grounded fireball at the end though, shadow blazer looks like it would have missed. Still, execution was mandatory right there, and even though I was pretty sure would break the recap, if he breaks we get to neutral, much better than me just outright losing. Wasn’t worth the gamble. Even moreso is that I should have lost this. He made an ender mistake and did shadowkuken which with how good he is normally doesn’t happen.


If you haven’t checked this out already, I recommend that you do.

It even has my submission in the number 9 spot. That Omen got a little too cocky and I capitalized on it. Never count Raam out of a fight! My comeback starts at 1:07

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I keep forgetting that these exist, thanks for reminding me! Nice going with the RAAM comeback, no-one should be cocky against RAAM when he can melt an entire health bar in mere seconds. :sweat_smile:

That @DarkLrdChuckles and @SoSRaGnArOk match was amazing, too, as I said earlier, Ragnarok is too hipster for health bars. :wink:


In all honesty had @DarkLrdChuckles managed to get out his Ultra as he had wanted to, I would have died pretty quick. It wasn’t skill that kept me alive but a very strong survival instinct. :smiley:

This match was also featured on a top 20 all time come backs vid that was published by some video game channel. It was sort of humbling to have this vid play along side the likes of Daigo.

I’ve had several people do epic come backs against me as well. It’s like all I had to do was just punch him/her. :stuck_out_tongue:

As this IS the clutch thread… My apparent lack of needing a life bar scored me another victory. :stuck_out_tongue: