Your best clutch moments?

What are the greatest, most insane, hype moments in games you have ever achieved?

Through the years, many games have been developed with a high skill cap that creates the ability to experience clutch and crazy moments. With fighting games, these moments typically come when you make an absolutely disgusting comeback, or pull off some great tech in mind bending moments.

One of these such moments is the Daigo Parry:

Pretty damn hype!!

Another amazing moment was the crazy comeback in the Sleep Vs Mygod match:

Absolutely insane!!!

So what I’m proposing today:
What clutch moments do YOU have?
Post your moments below and give a little insight as to what was running through your head when you pulled them off!!

For a template I’ll start


A while back I was playing some infection in Halo 5. I earned a Killionair medal, which is earning 10 Kills back to back, like a double kill, but it’s 10! WHen I earned the overkill medal, which is 4 kills consecutively, I knew that it was my time to shine. I originally thought I had more ammo for my saw, so when I ran out i naturally thought I would not achieve it. I pushed through the crowd, mowed them down, and got that Killionaire!!Aj82HV1ndOqAe9ciXnLHYwFspV4

You can’t really get much more clutch than this…

In terms of what was going on through my head…

“Well E@(%*#@”…

What do I do now?

There rest was well… survival instinct. :stuck_out_tongue:


In terms of Sleep’s victory over Mygod… Mygod made the huge mistake of trying to play the waiting game. Sleep’s Kan Ra had possibly only 1 HP of health. Even if MyGod traded blows with him, he would have died.

Never underestimate a patient Sleep. :smiley:

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This is me and a friend playing SF4 well below par, but I think it still counts, it’s pretty entertaining, nonetheless:-


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Offtopic but I saw the video and couldn’t help it: I’m so sad MyGod isn’t playing anymore…I loved watching his Wulf a lot.

I’m a Chun-li main in Street Fighter! So I appreciate seeing her in action.

The highest SF level I got in SF4 was Rank B+. :frowning:

I noticed that you never used her cross up attacks. It’s a nice to start on one side and switch to another, you can also charge an EX Spinning Bird Kick while doing it for some crazy mix ups.

All in all Chun can be a very difficult character to master as she’s all about the charges, and buffering them into other moves.

Good god that comeback xD Very well done! :3

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I’ll give a little bit of context here maybe. :slight_smile:

I avoided SF4 for the longest time, from when it came out til around October last year Initially I hated the art style they’d decided to go with after having the most beautiful sprites ever in SF3, I missed the old vibe, the weird character designs they’d created for SF3 and I didn’t think I’d be able to connect with SF4 at all.

Then my fella had it spare from a bundle and gave me the Steam key, having no controller to use for it with my PC, I dug out my crusty old PS2 pad I’d used for MK9, mapping the keys as best as I could/until they felt comfortable enough to me (For some reason, I didn’t have a hard punch/kick, so 3 punches/3 kicks had to double as them, hence me physically not being able to actually use some attacks like her cross up hard kick, diagonal down, forward hard kick did something else entirely!) and somehow, for some reason I can’t quite remember now, I ran out of buttons.

I played through arcade mode and against the AI a lot, as this was one of the only fighting games I’d owned for a long time, being on PC (the other being MK9) and first SF game I’d played in years (the last being SF3 3rd Strike on Dreamcast) so I was more than a little shaky about going online, feeling slightly disadvantaged by my less-than-ideal pad and less-than-ideal time of coming into the game.

Anyway, I got online, ranked up a bit which I was thrilled about since I wouldn’t have described myself as “good” at a Street Fighter game since Champion Edition.

I met some friends to play online with, we got SF5 to slake my thirst whilst waiting for KI to hit the PC, being more than slightly disappointed with what a mess Capcom seemed to have made of the whole thing, got KI, got the confidence to play online and I haven’t looked back since.

So in a weird way, I owe SF4 for my being here today, despite following KI since it’s release on Xbox as I was fascinated with how they would handle a KI reboot, I don’t know if I’d have played online at all if not for my previous experience in SF4.

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Let’s try to think on a grander scale. It was a nice addition to this thread, but let’s get something crazier.

YES! That was suspensful as hell to watch man lol.

Not enough jumps.

Also that last instinct he did…that was a dp…but…he never got it.

Hey, at the very least I contributed something, nobody else is posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The combo system worked against him in this instance. He already had an incredibly long combo and when he tried to finish me off, he had maxed out the damage he could do.

He would have probably won had he allowed me to break his combo, because all he needed was one solid reset.

Needless to say, he was cursing me to oblivion and screaming with frequencies I didn’t think possible for a male…

Oh well. I’ve had that happen where I had someone down like that they came back and won…oh I wasn’t too happy with it.

But that’s in the past. As for him…honestly…after that combo he should have just mashed dp’s for days. Since you couldn’t block them. oh well…that’s his problem though.

Who would be happy? It’s embarrassing. I had a low skill Orchid defeat me last night. My ego was certainly tempered. I got aragant and made a few bad calls. Being humbled though I defeated two really good players and netted almost 2000 points.

Heh, karma I guess.

Karma… eh… it was more like lag. My router started to have problems and my inputs started to go out. I should have been more cautious, but I wanted to do fancy things.

I learned a lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:

And what lesson would that be?

Pride commeth before the fall.

In short, just because a player doesn’t have the same skill set as you, doesn’t mean that you should take them for granted and try to show off. :slight_smile:

Play each fight as if you are playing against the best of the best.

Makes sense I suppose.