You can't SC Hisako

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about shadow countering Fulgore but honestly I prefer fighting Fulgore better. You can’t shadow counter Hisako or at least is not a good choice. First: you can’t be constantly checking her wrath bar because you have to focus in whats happening between the characters (don’t tell me otherwise, if not a lot of players wouldn’t even fall for instinct cancels, and even those are easier to check) and Second: good Hisakos know how to use their wrath bar in order to have that option available most of the time.

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I have a question for you,

If a command grab (that’s not throw invincible and it can be shadow) and a regular grab connect on the same frame what wins?

I thought all CGs were throw-invincible.

No not all.

Which isn’t then?

Hisako’s shadow command grabs, her possession grab (the sucage one), raam’s command grabs (that’s not shadow). TJ’s, kan-ras.

I think the trick is to assume you can never shadow counter Hisako, except in key situations that you have pre-calculated (for example, you can check her wrath easily after you knock her down, which means if she ever tries to wrestle control away from you with button xx rekka you’re okay, or if you see her press two normals xx rekka at any point in non-instinct, then you’re okay to shadow counter). You’re right that it’s too hard to dynamically keep track of her wrath normally, but I don’t think you need to. You can still have success without doing that.

Pretty much what Infil said. If you see three buttons out of Sako in relatively close succession, then she’s generally shadow counterable. It’s hard to do, but I’ve played a couple people at high level who were familiar enough with the MU that they actually had a very good shadow counter success rate against me.


If she comes at you with Shadow On Ryo Zan and she doesn’t have instinct, fair game for shadow counter. She can’t wrath cancel shadow moves.