You can Penta ultra with Riptor? check it out!

is this worlds first? and sorry i’m new to KI Forums this is my first ever post

this is a 191 combo with Riptor no counter breakers legit public match. he tbagged so I didn’t want him to stand up at all. sorry for bad gameplay but skip towards the end if you just want to see the ultra!

That’s not a hexa ultra, there were only 5.

thought hexa was 5? saw videos of hexa ultras and its 5. but here fixed

Nope, 5 is penta. It goes, double, triple, quad, penta, hexa, hepta, octa, nona, deca. Not sure why people switch numbering systems half way through though, you never hear of a “tetra ultra.”

and fixed thanks. i’m an idiot I know. thanks for watching btw!

It’s interesting to me that the KV never went up wheen you did those last few recaptures considering it did blow out. 5 is a pretty good number though. I can’t wait to find people abusing this now. -_-

No, you’re not an idiot - you were willing to learn from your mistakes. :wink:

However, I can’t say much for your opponent - any remotely half-way decent player would’ve broken you every time you did your flame breath over and over again. They didn’t, which leads me to believe that they don’t fully understand the game’s mechanics, making them easy fodder for Riptor.

Oh, and nice ultra, BTW. People used to do an infinite ultra with Hisako, but that doesn’t count, and was patched. So, I’ll just go ahead and say that it’s the most that I’ve certainly ever seen (legitimately).

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Huh… Looks like the Shadow Tail Flip recapture didn’t apply the usual KV if you didn’t land the first hit. That might explain how you were able to get past triple ultra after the Instinct Cancel…
Unusual, but still an entertaining ultra. Nice job :smiley:
Hope this doesn’t get exploited for people looking for infinites thought.

ya. it wasn’t ranked lobby I was warming up for ranked tho, the problem was this guy literally didn’t know how to counter break anything and also trash talker/tbagger, spamming the same move to make him mad yet he couldn’t break what is probably the easiest break in history.

and thanks btw!

thanks! and hopefully it doesn’t get exploited since it was legit, pretty proud of this.