You can parry combo breakers?!?!?!

I wonder if Arbiter can do this with his instinct… probably not.

No the exemplar parry is 2000x better then anyone else’s parry in the game by a big margin. I tried parrying breakers in the launch version but couldn’t seem to. Thought they took that one out. Guess you still can. Good to know.

And you’re using ARIA AND you’re using the blue colour (the Arcee colours as I call it.)

Could have been a freak accident. I was having all kinds of bizarre behaviors in the game all night Including: moves coming out on their own, level 3 enders refusing to cash out white life, standard combos failing for no reason, and more.
Eventually I stopped cataloging all the issues because I was just too frustrated; at lest this one was in my favor… it was the only one.

It’s because you were playing ARIA. That’s why it worked. Seriously, Ultratech is the answer.

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