Xtension arcade cabinets (or others)

One of my bored at work daydreams is putting together an arcade cabinet to use with my fighting games on console (and now PC). I saw the picture of all the Xtension cabinets at Ultra Arcade and they seem to be a reasonable price - recognizing that it’s just the cabinet, no hardware or components. Looks like they have a waiting list, but I was wondering if people had experience with them.

I know a few people have posted their home arcade builds in the past so I’m curious what people would have to say on the topic. Are there other or better options available? I don’t have a woodworking setup in my garage or 1000 hours to spend building my own anything. But I can probably fork over a reasonable amount of money for something fun to stick in the basement/rec room. I’m curious to hear about what other people’s experience has been…

I see the advertisement for Xtension daily on my facebook page. they look awesome and the price isn’t bad either. for $499 you can get a pretty cool set up!

I have been thinking about getting one too…but if i did that would mean I couldnt play in the living room and on the couch anymore. Id have to move it to the play room and i just dont see myself playing every game on the cabinet.
would prb be best with an extra used console and DL the games from your Gold family share set up.

It would be awesome to have though!!

yeah, I haven’t worked out the console setup if I were to do this. Truthfully, I have a TON of fighting games on 360 and very little reason to have my 360 hooked up anywhere else at this point. But of course I’d really love to get KI running on a setup like this.

I have a 40" Samsung LCD tv sitting around doing nothing so I’m thinking about getting the pedestal and just hooking that up. I suspect it’s too heavy for the setup on the Xtension pedestal cabinet, so I might hook it to the wall etc etc.

I know if I start this it will end up costing me a fortune. I haven’t even gotten to the part where I stick a gaming PC in it so I can play KI and SFV. I’ve been picking up some cool games like Skullgirlz and SF IV ultimate on PC for cheap so it’s starting to seem like a logical thing to do. Until I think about adding $800 to the price for a competent gaming rig. One thing I could do is just run it through Steamlink - so duplicating my main PC. But right now Steamlink is still too wonky for this sort of setup.

I’m curious what people do for speakers or if it’s pretty much a “stick anything you want in there” situation.

Hell i thought it came with the screen and speakers to be honest!

I currently place my fight stick on a stool with a prop pillow at an angle so my fight stick is sitting at an angle and i pull the short stool up close to me when i sit on the couch and the tall stool when I want to stand and play so either way I have that arcade style feel to my fight stick. I cant play with it laying flat in my lap or on a coffee table… I got to have that angle!

I think the PC set up would be the best Idea! And a steam link even better! BUt to me if you dont have alot of friends that come over and play (which I do not)… then the arcade set up is really just for looks and to say look what I have! For me anyways.
At my age I jsut dont have any friends that come over anymore or play Fgs for that matter.
I so wish we had Xbox one 25 years ago! OMG THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SICK!!!

Kids just dont know how awesome they have it these days!


Hey @ULTRAODINSON. If you have a minute can you tell us anything about the Xtension cabinet setups you have at Ultra Arcade? I’m curious about the monitors, speakers etc.

Well, after a nice email exchange with Wayne from RecRoom Masters I went ahead and ordered the sit down pedestal version. I’m going to hook it up to a 46" Samsung LCD that wouldn’t fit in a cabinet.

I really wanted the Pro Controller setup too, but since you can order that seperately for essentially the same price I figured I would check out the cabinet first. I will let you know how it goes. The ship date is Jan 18 and I will be out of town until the 27th…

I figure I will add components etc over time and see how it goes.

WOW!! dude you have to post a pic! Im curious to see which one your talking about.

I need to get a gaming chair myself… the ole stacking the couch cushions isnt cutting it anymore LOL

** I looked it up! WOW man thats going to look awesome!!! Congrats man!

Okay @FallofSeraphs76 and @xSkeletalx, I tried to make a link to a couple of photos on OneDrive. Let me know if this works.


It still looks a bit rough right now, but the cabinet is STOUT. I’m going to figure something out for the TV - either a wall mount or a less ghetto stand. The cabinet itself is very roomy and can hold 3-4 consoles. Right now I have a subwoofer in it from my cheap Creative A250 computer speakers. Sounds great to me. Still working on good seating.

Even if it doesn’t look like much, it’s awesome to play on.

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Sorry for the second post - I’m boarding a plane and wanted to get the first post out before they shut me down.

Just for the record, RecRoom Masters (recroommasters.com) was fantastic to deal with. It took me about three hours to put together, mostly because I had to figure out what I was doing. One of the parts was labeled with the wrong sticker, so I thought it had been cut wrong. I called their customer service, got to Wayne who took it seriously and helped me get it sorted out really quickly. Really nice to be able to call and reach an actual person who knows what you are talking about.

The thing arrived in 4 boxes that UPS basically tossed out the window without coming to a complete stop. I thought it would be sawdust but the thing was packed with soft foam edge packing, wrapped in Saran Wrap and then bubble wrap. Not a scratch on it anywhere.

The pedestal itself is incredibly sturdy when it’s together - no wiggle or jiggle and the boards are all solid as can be. It weighs a little over 100lbs all together. Feels like a tank. I’ve played on real arcade machines that were less sturdy.

If you ever think about getting a cabinet I can recommend these guys without even a hint of reservation.

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LOL…that UPS line had me laughing for real :smile:

It looks awesome dude! I bet you are super hyped to play! Most Impressive!

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