XP icon removal option?

It would be great to not see the lifetime XP increase every time I’m on the character select screen. I’d actually rather see my character level, until the point when I’ve maxed them out… But they’re really not doing anything for me right now but blocking my view.

Makes the character select screen look cluttered. Anyone that buys S3 Ultra Edition knows that they’re getting the xp boost so there’s no point of seeing it all the time. And even if someone didn’t know when purchasing S3-UE, you’d be getting the points anyways. Hopefully it gets removed at some point.

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They talked about this on the s3 streams before launch and said it would be temporary, that they were/would work on it but they never changed it. They might be too busy with characters/modes and are leaving little things until the end? Idk

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Sounds good to me. Its a minor thing after all…

Hopefully they haven’t forgotten though . or changed their minds lol cuz it is kinda annoying

Just another promised minor feature that was swept under the rug.

No. More like put on the back burner to focus on more significant, game-breaking issues while the season is ongoing. Development for a game scheduled like KI is, is never ending especially balance changes. While I can argue that such a small issue should not take up many resources and quite a little bit of time, priorities may be different for them. Heck some of the things I have reported on my projects that I thought would be recognized easily by end-users were pushed back because there were more important issues with the “Golden Path” a consumer would follow. All in all, if the minor features you’re looking for aren’t added during the off period between seasons, then I would say you have a right to complain.