Xbox X shuts off 3 seconds into power on

Has anyone had this issue with there Xbox One X? Mine just started doing this last week.
I turn it on as usual on the controller or the console and then in 3 seconds it shuts off. I can turn in on again and it works but has to go through the hard reset loading video of the 4K chip and all that razzle dazzle.
I’ve googled and havent found much except clean out vents or replace brick supply. THe X doesn’t have an external brick so I know that wont work. HT eX has an internal power supply. I’ve read swap out the power cord also.

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That’s the first I’ve heard of that kind of problem. I wish I could offer a better solution. Maybe you could adjust the settings for power state modes for when the Xbox is turned off, like power save mode or in that hibernate mode. See what happens when you alter them somehow.

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That’s a new one on me.

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I changed from instant on to energy saver. Ill see what it does tomorrow as I havent shut it down since a few hours ago. I thougt it might be the way PS4 has the HDMI power link to TV that will shut the console down if you power the tv through an HDMi cable by changing inputs but Xbox doesnt have this.
Apparently its a big problem as there are tons and tons of people that have this issue on line on forums and reddit. Most were issues from Xbox power bricks…but the X doesnt have one… its inside instead of outside like the original Xbox. Basically you can look at the light on the brick and it will turn orange or white and then shut down. I cant see that since its inside.