Xbox Store on PC buggy?

Since I got KI on PC I have noticed that updating it through the Xbox App Store is very buggy. The recent update with Eyedol starts off as 2.6gb which is around the update sized. However, a few minutes into the update and it jumps to 30gb for some reason until it just stops due to an error.

I had an issue downloading the last update also but managed by constantly restarting and reupdated. I was wondering if there is an actual fix or if the store is naturally garbos?

Same problem.

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Yep. I had to reninstall everything twice.

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It appears to be some kind of display bug, the update finished before completing the 30 gb.

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ROFL! Wow! I dealt with worse bugs and glitches at launch. Rest assured, they will just come out with several more patches.

I would not have done that, I would have just reset my internet connection and then restart the update.

No it happened before the update. It also happened after. It won’t let me open KI at all. Plus I tried that.

I am speechless. I would contact Xbox support if that happens again.

Well I don’t like Windows 10 store much but I don’t have a choice to play KI otherwise.

It “may” happen in the late future but not anytime soon!

The only solution at the moment is just to continue to restart the update until it works.

Any workaround is just a pain and adds more stress.