Xbox Series X

They announced new next Xbox console at The Game Awards last night, and it’s called “Xbox Series X”.

The Xbox Series X will include a custom-designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. Microsoft is also using an NVMe SSD on Xbox Series X, which promises to boost load times. Xbox Series X will also support 8K gaming, frame rates of up to 120 fps in games, ray tracing, and variable refresh rate support.

The new Xbox console looks interesting, but in my opinion, I really do not like the name of the console. I mean why can’t they call it like “Xbox X infinity” or something instead of “Xbox Series X”. It is weird and confusing name to me.


They could of shorten the name. that way it’d save breath. I’ll just call it the Xbox X for short. though X infinity may not be a good idea in my opinion. We don’t even know the limit.


Overall, I’m pleased to see the direction Microsoft is going here. As a longtime Xbox fan, the original design and launch of the Xbox One was, in my opinion, awful and showed how much Microsoft had lost touch with their very consumer base.

I did not purchase the console and went back to PC gaming simply because their was no point. Things seemed to change with Phil Spencer at the wheel though, and I’m enjoying the Xbox One X I picked up this past September and would recommend it to anyone.

And it looks like their continuing with this style and design mentality for the Xbox Series X:

  • Designing a console that’s focused on gaming from the ground up.
  • Designing a console who’s hardware is actually powerful on launch
  • Full support of all Xbox One Controllers and other accessories
  • Full support of the Xbox One game library, including Xbox 360 and Xbox backwards compatible titles

It’s the kind of gaming hardware I’ll want to keep an eye on, not one that will make me say WTF and move on to something else.

I agree the name is silly. How are people not going to confuse the Xbox Series X for the Xbox One X for the Xbox One S? But I’ll take a great product with a silly name over a shoddy product with a good name any day.

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It looks like an old hard drive tower for a computer from the 2000s.

Also. I want to know what games IT can play. I want to know it’s launch titles. I want to know a few of the titles we can expect in the following year. If all it can do is play all my Xbox one games, then why would I buy it and not just keep using my Xbox one.

Honestly, they should’ve called it Xbox Infinity.


I didn’t expect the new system to be so wide, honestly. I thought consoles were trying to keep a specific size for the sake of convenience (like how slim PS systems and the X1X are the size of notebooks). I can see interested people complaining about how it can’t fit their TV setup.

Also the name is terrible because the Xbox One X exists. Even Nintendo knows when to name their new systems something completely different (except the WiiU and the DS line, but whatever).

Either way, I just hope they can have games worth buying a new system for, because even though I still use my standard XB1 all the time I still ended up getting a PS4 for their suite of exclusives, which from a financial standpoint I still deeply regret.

Hopefully it won’t be as heavy, since old cases were mostly metal. I can still see it being the heaviest console since the OG Xbox however.

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that’s even better.


Man, Microsoft has more than 15 studios working on multiple projects. Phil Spencer has stated that their plan is to release an exclusive game every 3 months. Plus, it’ll work as your personal server for Xcloud, with no additional cost whatsoever. How’s that not amazing?

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You sure that’s a good move? These games take alot of time to make. I hope the quality stays consistent.

On the plus side it means I can still play KI and Soul Calibur VI on it while waiting for the next installments.


Then how about they start ANNOUNCING them. I am not gonna by a new console untill it has at least 5 games on it that I want to play. And considering what they revealed at E3 and then The Game Awards, I’m not confident that those games will appear in the first year, or even the first two. I wanna know how long it will take for me to get some new installments from Rare’s back catalogue of franchises, or some new installments from my favorite third party companies. I’m not gonna just blindly buy with only the hope that games I like will release on it.

Also, I HATE Xcloud. I hate game streaming. XCloud + GamePass = no more buying games and just paying for a subscription service where your favorite game could be permanently taken away for whatever dumb reason they want. And if you couldn’t tell from how I worded it, that is not something I want a fan of. I do not want to get to the point where I can’t permanently buy a physical copy, or at least a direct digital download that I own forever.

They already released Hellblade 2 trailer. About Xcloud, it’s just an option. The same goes to game pass. You can still buy your games anytime. I have game pass subscription, but have bought a lot of the games in the service, because I also like owning the game. So it’s about choice.

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Accept Microsoft’s statements indicate they’re trying to push in that direction. The fact that they’re even introducing these programs, in addition to the whole “pushing digital download only” thing, AND the fact that that system would be far less expensive for them but make them a crap tonne of money. Let’s just say the signs do not look good.

Also, I never played the first Senua game. So a pre-rendered gameplay-less trailer doesn’t exactly sell me on the series. And beyond that, that’s just one game.

Man, That’s the future, whether you like it or not. I’m an old school game, but I’m keeping up with the times. Most of my Xbox games are already digital. I have just a handful of physical copies. I’m already used to it.


Digital is fine. I just want to OWN my games and for Microsoft to not be able to take them away because the Capcom CEO spilled Egg Nog on them at the Christmas Party. And the best way to do that is with physical copies. If I can’t buy a game physically then I make a dozen copies on various hard drives.

Its called Series X because there is going to be multiple versions. Probably 3 different price points. The Ultra bad ■■■ 8 K - 120 fps version at 699, the mid Xbox X 4k 60 fps version at 499 and the digital only version with no disc drive at 399. Thats my guess… and maybe even a streaming version price point taht is like the Google stadia or whatever that thing is.

Maybe series X is just abroad term for now until they reveal the Xbox Infinity, or the X Box Skarlett, or whatever?
Regardless I think it looks bad ■■■ and is going to be EPIC!!! I cant wait!


That just makes so much sense.

Since there’s different versions out of the gate, it’s probably safe to assume that Series X (probably PS5 too) is going to keep up the trend of consoles offering different graphical/performance settings. I hope they still have 1080p settings since those TVs are still very commplace, and it will likely be necessary for 120fps on new AAA games.

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So basically making buying consoles more complicated like buying a gaming computer. Not sure how I feel about that, since Valve tried that with Steam Machines, and we all know how that turned out. I guess it won’t be as bad, since consoles are generally required to obey the specs of the weakest variant, unlike on PC where some games require a high-end system to run even on low settings.

It’s just gonna add more confusion to the average console player though, since even in this post-PS4/X1X era the idea of more than 2 console variants is mostly unheard of.

System is over a year from release Thought - they have time. If they release a big list at the same time they unveil the console (at an awards show no less) then they’re wasting marketing opportunities for very little effect (and MS has been burned previously announcing titles that wind up taking forever to come out after being announced). The system officially exists now…just give it time.

Is that a confirmed thing or just speculation? I’d personally like companies to move away from the multiple versions of a console. It’s unnecessarily complicated and gives people sticker shock on the high end models. If I wanted modularity I’d just build a new computer :confused:


Isn’t it common practice to announce a game a year before release, unless complications arise? If that’s the case then they should have already revealed a handful of launch titles.