Xbox One/W10 Cross buy question

Hi everyone. New here and I’m going to possibly game on PC but I may game on Xbox depending on the answer to this question. I see that cross-buy is a thing and a really awesome choice by the developers and publishers. Now that Season 3 is right around the corner, the pricing has been released. Out of the 3 packages, two of them are priced the same but the top tier package that includes everything is $10 cheaper on PC than it is on Xbox One. Now I understand that is because of the absence of the Killer Instinct 1 & 2 Classic games on PC but my question is if I buy the top tier package ($50 for everything) on PC, would I be still eligible for the cross buy? Would I be missing the Killer Instinct Classic games on Xbox One? If so, will they be available separately outside of the top tier purchase? Sorry about my confusion, I just want to make the right purchase and not be screwed out of the classic games. Thank you!

Totally didn’t read the last bit. If you buy the Pc version of the Supreme edition, you will not get the classic games. Also, if you do buy the Xbox version of the Supreme edition, you will not have the classic games on pc.

I understand I won’t get the classic games on PC but the crossbuy is what concerns me. If I don’t get them on PC, does that mean I won’t get them on Xbox as well? Because I don’t see a separate purchase for the classic games.

The only way I know to get the classic games, is to get the ultra editions for seasons 1 and 2 or through the console version of the Supreme edition.

Meaning, if you buy the $50 version you won’t get the classic games…period.

Okay so hopefully a developer can answer this question then. If I buy the Pc version of the Supreme Edition and I have all the cross buy content, how do I get the classic games if I go to console? Will there be a $10 upgrade option or something or will I be able to buy them separately? Will I have a chance to get them on console if I already made my PC purchase or will I never be able to access them on console?

You can go to the Xbox store on a Web browser after Season 3 is released and purchase the $60 version there.

And if I buy the PC version? Will that $60 be available at a heavy discount since the classic games will be the only thing missing or would the $60 console version be free? Because I would be entitled to the rest of the content for free because of the cross buy.

If you buy the $50 version - no KI Classic. If you buy the $60 version - KI Classic on Xbox One. No way to “upgrade.”

If you buy the $60 version you will have the license to use everything on that profile. That means, if you get an Xbox one after purchasing it, all you need to do is set your profile up on that system (the same one that you use on pc), then download what you bought.

So will there be a cross-buy specific version on the Xbox One store that will have the KI Classic games missing? Because I understand the case of going from Xbox One to PC. Going from PC to Xbox One on the other hand just sounds a bit confusing and should be made more clear.

You buy something on either platform and it works on the other. The only exception is the classic games can only be played on Xbox one.

I think it has been made abundantly clear because of the number of similar topics. (Not trying to knock you or anything, but you would have the same perception if you used the search feature)
Anyway, PC doesn’t have the Classic games, so if you buy the $60 option, you only get the old games on XB1. Which is why there’s $50 option.
There is no “cross-buy specific version”. The game itself is cross-play enabled from S3 onwards, so once that launches, every bundle is cross-play enabled.

Why not just buy it on the xbox then? the only upgrades ive seen are from combo to ultra at the difference in price, doubt you can do supreme to supreme just for Ki1 and 2, tbh they ain’t worth the hassle imo

I recently asked this question a few days ago . At the moment there is NO way to get the classic games without getting it in a pack. So if u get the 50 dollar pc version You wont get the classic games because pc doesn’t have the classic games. that’s why its50 instead of 60 on PC . If ur gonna play on PC and u don’t care about ever playing the classic games on xbox one then get the PC 50 dollar version. IF you want the to be able to play the classic version get the xbox one 60 dollar version . Both games are crossbuy and go back and forth so if you buy on xbox one u get all the content on pc as well AND you get the classic games that are only playable on xbox one . If you want the classic games that you can only play on xbox one You have to get xbox one version for 60 dollars . If you buy it on PC and later want to get the classic versions on console ur gonna have to buy a bundle with content u already have and end up spending at least another 40 bucks just for 2 classic games instead of just paying a extra 10 for the xbox one version and getting it now.

Short answer: U want classic KI games now or some time in furture? Get 60 dollar xbox one version.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’m gonna just end up buying the Xbox One version and be done with it lol.