Xbox One Version SMOOTH!

So this update fixed all the Menu lag. It’s flawless now. KI has never run this smooth. Amazing work!

If this is true, then i cant wait to download it!

Flawless… FLAWLESS

Haven’t noticed any changes today with the new patch, but nothing was especially sluggish either. Always nice to hear things are getting better on the menu navigation front.


it is absolutely better.

Just spam LB and watch the menus pass by without a hitch.

It used to take about 2 seconds to get from one “page” to the other.

Yup and used to stutter horribly between pages, and in the Accessories collection page. It’s flawless now. Hardly any stuttering in character select now either when characters walk out.

I notice a nice speed improvement on the menus.

Just wanted to add to the compliments on the menu speed adjustments. Was hoping this would be fixed eventually and glad to see that it got fixed as part of the first major update as well.

mine still isn’t smooth but it’s faster than season 2

Yes it is slightly better

Better but not great.

Better but far … FAR from flawless.

I run the game off of an external HD. Maybe it’s better for me than some. Seems night and day better from the previous build.

On the character select screen the fighters take forever to load. On a stream before the season 3 launch they said they had fixed this but there’s still issues. This and menu lag are the only bad things about this game.

They fixed the cursor being a laggy mess in the select screen. That was the main issue. Due to the Xbone’s specs the characters will take time to load. It’s not just loading the character but all accessories and colors too. The characters take what 2-3 seconds? That’s fine. When the game came out they took 8-10. No joke.

Yeah, I’ve been playing it on PC booting from a SSD, and they load near instantaneous. It’s really nice.

…not bragging, just saying it’s the XB1’s hard drive that’s the issue.

Match character select screen is nice and fast, customization character select screen not so much.

Oh totally. Yeah on a good computer the game is so fast you hardly need the vs screen. It’s up for like 1 second.

A lot of it’s smoothed over, but it feels like some of the lag just moved to other places. For me it’s now in the phase between Character Select and Stage Select.
Otherwise it’s nice. :slight_smile: