Xbox One sound quality?

Is anyone noticed that Xbox Ones sound is pretty flat compare to other consoles? On my setup even PS3 gives more rich sound while XONE (I have xone S) lack high and low frequencies. Or it`s just my setup?

I love KI music and listened it for two years before I got my Xbox One with KI DE and difference in sound quality is disappointing. Not only KI - I dont hear rich sound in any XONE games I tried.
I`m using optical out, tried Uncompressed Stereo or DD5.1 (My receiver does not support hi-rate bit stream of DTS)

If you have a decent speakers and didn`t notice any difference in sound with other consoles or movie/music players please let me know what Xbox One (original,S or X) you have and what is your setting in sound options.

Its your set up. Go to settings and change it to stereo, or digital optical if you have that type of wire. Also for head phones WIndows sonic is free in the settings.