Xbox One Controller: Left Analog vs. D-Pad?

I always use the dpad when playing fighting games, but I’m having a lot of problems hitting diagonal inputs. Is the left analog stick the way to go? Dashing seems odd at first, but I’m sure I can get used to it. Thanks in advance.

I’m a d-pad guy. Using the analog stick for a FG just seems wrong. That being said, I haven’t found a d-pad I like for KI yet.

Do the diagonal inputs seem faulty to you as well?

Both! I use the d-pad for dashes and analog for motion. It’s useful for characters like Omen or RAAM with their dashes.


You Sir are very talented. I can’t do that. Lol.

Yeeeeah, d-pad.

It’s not a talent, but thank you. My hands look like a mess when I’m playing. It’s entertaining to watch. Ahaha

I use both as well. I like to switch situationally and/or based on characters.

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I used to love dpad but now if im forced to play on controller i use analog stick with a extender and i hold it the way i do my fight stick lol

Like @duhgerman1, I learned how to use both. For QCF and QCB inputs I use the joystick, whereas I use the dpad for the DP inputs, as well as for forward or backward dashing. I use both for jumping or crouching (but not at the same time, mind you ;)) as well as for BF and DU inputs.

I tried using the dpad not too long ago but like OP and a few others in here, for some reason the diagonal inputs don’t want to register consistently which makes doing fireball motions quite difficult. I can DP 10/10 on pad, but only do fireball like 1/10 on pad, but I can do everything ok on the analog except DP lol

So I don’t know. I technically can’t use either one properly since there are things I can do with one and not the other

I use the stick because I felt like I was missing diagonals with the d pad. I actually got really used to it and tried to play SFV like that but the stick on ps4 is in kind of a crappy place to use in a fighting game.

Definitely, the PS4 controller is terrible for me. My thumb is constantly sliding off that darn thing.

It’s likely you guys missing the diagonals are having the same issue I did. The underside of the dpads there are plastic tabs sitting on metal bubbles on the circuit board, and over extended use those tabs wear down ever so slightly. In order to do a diagonal press the dpad hits 2 of those bubbles at the same time, and as you can imagine if one has been worn down it won’t hit as quickly as the other. It’s a problem with controllers that will affect all of them eventually (not entirely sure about elites or newer designed ones, but from reports it affects all of them).

There are 2 main ways you can fix the issue, although one isn’t really a fix:

  1. Get a new controller. Not the best method, and expensive as well. (the “not really a fix” option)
  2. Get a security bit screwdriver and a new Dpad (you can find them all over ebay) and replace it. Dpads are fairly cheap (you can usually get 3 or 4 for $10), and they’re not that hard to replace. The only real tricky part is popping the ■■■■■ covers off the handles.

…of course this is an extensive use issue. If you’re just having trouble hitting the diagonals from the get-go this will likely not help.

Oh, & me, I use the circular Dpad on the elite controller. Didn’t think I’d like it at first, but I like how smooth it is. In fact I think my “20 years of dpad use” callous on my thumb is finally going away.

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Yes, I’ve had the same problem. The D pad will wear out after several months of heavy KI play and the diagonals didn’t register consistently. I bought a white replacement D pad on Amazon for $10 and not only does it look great, but I can play KI again lol

Your d-pad is probably worn out, op. The little nubs on the internal surface of the d-pad are tiny tiny junky pieces of crap that flatten out and don’t hit both contacts when you execute diagonal inputs. Replacements on amazon for about six or seven bucks $US. You’ll need a T8 security driver to open the controller up. You can also use a eyeglass repair kit screwdriver (micro) in those torx screws of you don’t have the right driver. Also, you might sttill be under warranty. This game is hard on the pads. Just yesterday i had to canniblize both my controllers to make one good one. One had a bad A button and the other had a bad rb. Oivey!

I’ve had this problem right away with the xbox dpad. It went from bad to worse when the right button all of a sudden only works half the time and the up button likes to get stuck making my guy jump. Eventually i lost it and paid for the expensive controller. The steel drum on that elite controller is money.

I use analogue. Only thing I’ll ever use DPad on is Pokken, other games it makes me uncomfortable/hurts my hands.

Analog for regular inputs like your average QCB, QCF, etc. D-Pad for DPs. I won’t lie though, making that rapid transition to get a DP on jump-ins can often be tricky.

I personally prefer d-pad by a huge margin. X1 d-pads can die off with extended use though, so that’s something to keep in mind.