Xbox one Controller D-Pad Failure

I don’t know how many of you have experienced this, but let me tell you a little story of what i just went through. So i bought the xbox one just for this game, less than a year later the controller that came with it started giving me problems with the right direction on the dpad not registering, then it started jumping by itself randomly mid fight. I figured let me shell out the $150 dollars for the elite controller and not deal with this again. Less than 5 months later the down button on my elite controller now barely works unless i press down on it super hard. I went to microsoft support and they told me it only has a 90 day warranty and that my only option was to go buy a new one. I pleaded with them to help me out since i’ve been loyal for over 5 years and I’ve spent way more than the controller was worth on KI alone what with all of the community funds and buying full seasons day 1. But nope nothing even when i threatened to give up on the xbox and cancel my subscription the smart arse said i noticed your auto pay for xbox live renews on the 14th i could cancel it for you! I’m seriously upset right now and needed to vent because i swear to you i have atari controllers older than i am and they still work. I’ve not been able to play ranked ki for over a month and it’s really grinding my gears. /endrant


My first Xbox one controller that came with my console on day one lasted me for three years, I replaced it a few months back and the right bumper just randomly broke. Its random when they decide to break I swear, as for your d-pad my 3 year old controller sometimes had problems but if I put it up to my mouth and blew into the cracks around the pad it’d start working again, as if there was a bunch of guck in there from constant use.

I tried that and compressed air, i guess my next option is taking them apart and seeing if i can see anything wrong.

It’ll void your warranty to open them up but I guess in your situation there is no warranty to speak of anyway, just make sure you get the right screwdrivers. They use a Torx screwdriver on the outside and an even smaller one on the inside, check some videos and then hit up Amazon if your local shops don’t carry 'em.

Yeah call me crazy but 90 days on a $150 controller is kind of messed up.

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I’ve refused to buy the elite because of that insane price tag but people will tell you its cheap compared to other pro controllers out there. Personally I’ve never seen the need for one but I’m sure they do come in handy, though that price will always keep me from owning one.

I grew to love the steel drum looking dpad for fighting, it feels very nice to do moves on it so i’m a sad panda right now lol.

Hopefully you can get it fixed, if nothing else you might be able to find a privately owned shop that can repair it. Would be cheaper than buying a new one.

I had to send my XB elite in once. I’ve been using the same one ever since.

Yeah the X1 controllers are sh** in my opinion. I got my XB1 December of 2015 (The Xmas before the one that just passed) and am already on my 3rd controller and what makes this it so frustrating is like you said, I have Sega Genesis controllers that I literally played on when I was 3/4/5 that still work as well today as they did back then. This also applies to other controllers for other consoles that will remain unnamed. It’s ridiculous.

I hear ya bro, I have 3 standard XB1 controllers and they all have broken D-Pads. One of which has a broken shoulder button too that is stuck constantly firing off, so the whole controller is garbage. This is crazy based on the fact I mostly play fighters using a fight stick and racing games using a wheel… so basically my standard controllers hardly ever get used to begin with. I was going to splurge on an elite, but reading your story I think I’ll pass. I’ve been using a PS4 controller via CronusMax on my XB1 and I guess that’s what I’ll continue to do… It’s sad though because I prefer how the XB controllers feel in my hand overall.

I have an elite controller for nearly a year, and the only issue I’ve had with it so far is the rubber grips on it keep coming loose, first the back shell section, which I’ve already replaced, and now both of the side scr.ew covers. I will say this, the Dpad on the elite is better built than the regular XB1 controllers, but not by much. It has a little triangle-like frame that sits between the dpad and the buttons (sensors? activators? I don’t know the technical term…little metal bubbles?) and serves as a buffer so there is less wear on the nubs on the underside of the dpad.

I just remembered something. Y’all that have had problems with their remotes. Have y’all updated your controller? I was surprised to find out the controller needed updates too. On your XB1 go into all setting, devices, remote controlled, update controller.

It’s frustrating when stuff breaks. It’s a sign of the times when everything is being made in a Chinese factory that underbid the Chinese factory next to it by 3 cents a unit so MS can pocket $6.97 per controller instead of $6.94. Part of the problem is it costs a significant percentage of the cost of the controller to get it onto the store shelf where you buy it. There’s no reason for the guy on the phone to be a jackass to you though.

I’ve actually had zero issues with my day one controller and I now have a few others sprinkled throughout the house and they all work fine. I don’t use them for fighting games, which definitely keeps the d-pad wear low.

But I think MS is making a pretty big mistake with the elite and customer service. This is supposed to be a premium controller and people expect it to last. I have seen them in stores and thought about getting one, but lots of people seem to have this problem…

If you end up taking the controller apart with a t6 ■■■■■ driver along with a t8 you’ll notice that the D pad uses blisters with tin to bridge the connection instead of silicon. I’ve thought of possibly using a silicon register in the past but have never done it. If you do, I think you’ll need to cut the blisters off with an exacto knife. Unless you want to try to pad hack otherwise this part of the controller is pretty much toast. Or if your gutsy enough just to buy a new one and return the old one at the store.

More than likely going to have to go the switcharoo route. Less than a year old a controller i bought just to fight with fails on the dpad in under a year it’s hard to not feel pissed and ripped so i’m going to have to pass the buck to wallmart lol.

It’s the worst feeling in wored when you D-Pad is registering your inputs I’m currently dealing with that myself so I don’t play as much as ki like to :frowning:

The D-pad is an on-going pet hate of mine for the xbone. QC back/forward has never registered consistently for me since day one, forcing me to use the analogue stick since I got fed up with trying to use it.

I’ve played a good number of fighters throughout the multiple consoles I’ve owned (as far back as the SNES) and NEVER had the issues I’ve had with the xbone pad.

I have no clue why the pads have taken a step backwards when they should be going forwards in their design.
Makes no sense.

They are terrbile now and here I go spending half of what the console is worth on a fancy new one that has the same exact failure as the stock ones. Garbage im never buying another xbox one thing again. Thank gargos for pc or id be done with ki. Shocker mysega saturn controller worked perfectly on ki lol

You mean the original one with the circular plate D-pad? That thing was godlike.