Xbox Capture Thread

This thread is for anyone who wishes to share any film clips or screenshots, regardless of game, they have taken using their Xbox or Xbox app.

Show me some of your best stuff, people! Are there any great directors/artists in this community? Prove it in a reply below! :arrow_heading_down:

Since I started this thread, I guess I’ll start with a few screenshots I captured while playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I discovered has a convenient photo mode, as well as a large version of my gamerpic that you guys see with every single 1 of my posts, and a small Minecraft project that I did quickly to celebrate my country. :wink:

GG, from GG!

Best Buds

Jump Scare

Bat vs. Bat


I’m currently making (and uploading to my Youtube channel) clipreel videos from my gameplay in the new Gears Of War, and I have a few Killer Instinct videos up there too.

Check out my Youtube channel!

My xbox dvr about MKX and KI combos videos!

I hope you enjoy this MKX combos videos

You can watch there more combo videos!

I found a glitched out room in the campaign of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition lol!8674&authkey=!AG7cgO5kmfpeF-A&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cpng