XBox App on PC, recent players question and matchmaking

Hi guys, So new PC KI player here, and just getting used to the Xbox app which I never use. My question is regarding the recent played players list. I’ve found it, which is good, however there seem to be a very large number of people on it whom I have never had a match against, especially when it says I met them 10 minutes ago, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I mainly ask because wait times in exhibition mode (and ranked as well but I play less of that for now) are on the long side (3-5 minutes at non prime time for me). I find players but not regularly. I ask because a lot of the people in my recent played list are KI players, that never show up in my search for a match. Is my matchmaking broken? It works, but this newly found recent players list is making me wonder if my search is filtering out players I could be versing. How does it consider that I have met them when I haven’t played against them in a match? I have my criteria set to Qual - Gold so it should only be filtering Killers at this point. Could they be all Killers? I have read that matchmaking has been an issue for some, but mine works to an extent, it just might be that it could work a little better.
Any thoughts? Any insight would be great, really want to start this game properly.