Xbox app chat problem

For recent few days, I can’t send messages to friends or even look up my conversations log, anyone else has similar problem?

At first I thought I got reported for profanity but I have no e mail from M$ and iirc chat log works in that situation.

You can go to the official xbox live website and log in to see your message.
Or you can download the “xbox(beta)” app on the windows store wich does basically the same thing than the regular xbox app but somewhat working.

This doesn’t realy solve the problem but at least you’ll be able to see some of your messages.

window 10 >Settings > apps > xbox app > reset

Sometimes fixes it for a day, sometimes for 5 mins, sometines not at all, sometimes makes it worse (can’t see friends list too!)


@InshunHozoin416 Thank you! That worked :smiley:

Fixed it for me too, and it’s been down forever! Thanks brother :slight_smile:

glad it helped (for now) … but i’m not the genius, just posting what I found from searching for it

The app is so broken… it’s like day 1 Eyedol, that’s how broken.

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I can’t view my conversations in the app but that could be an accessibility issue. Messages still send and receive though, just can’t see the actual individual conversations.

Download and run this.
Let me know if it worked ok?

@InshunHozoin416 welp, just like you said - reset fixes it for few hours and then it malfunctions again.

I cry it out loud - xbox app is F–N CANCER. Seriously how can you ■■■■■ up chat and friends list app in 2017?