Xbox and YouTube?

Hi, it seems I can’t find the upload option when I’m in the YouTube app in my X1.
I got search,home,subs,library,history and settings. But I can’t find a submit option anywhere in those menus D:

Does anyone know where is it?

IS your Xbox account linked to your youtube account?

Yeap, don’t know what I was logged out recently but I activated/ sync my account again. I can see all my videos in the library but I don’t find an upload option anywhere -__-

I didnt know you could up load from Xbox. I always upload from Twitch but not Xbox clips. So I have no idea.

Ever since Xbox ended the ability to snap apps, Youtube has been a one-way street. However, there is a free service that syncs with your GT and will act as a media server that will allow for storage (free accounts arent that big), and has an editing station, and a sharing section…This servce also syncs your Youtube and DropBox (maybe others, not sure), and will upload them for you.

There is more to this service, but it isnt bad. I only use it for quick vids i want to share in Discord or wherever else wont let you embed a Onedrive video.

So, I’m not exactly sure of what you want in a service like this, but I’ll post a screen below with a link to thier home site. Hope this can help.

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Looks like it I’ll have to get the clips from there, it’s a shame because it’s was simplier with the YouTube app from the X1 but well, looks like it’s gone. Ty

So i wonder why they did away with the SNAP? It pretty much ruined Twitch on Xbox and as you said the clip uploads to youtube.
What did SNAP hurt so bad for them to remove it?

They wanted their own app (beam) to compete with twitch.
Also the new interface it’s not as comfortable to use with Kinect anymore =(
I like Kinect, but I was expecting to be…well, more useful.

from what i remember, it was a processinng speed issue…Having multiple apps running on priority CPU threads was going to get pretty resource hungry when they knew the hardware updates were coming…supporting external HD’s, and whatever else was coming…I wasn’t in the loop at the time, but I do recall speed being an issue

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