Xbox 360 controller or Xbox One?

I’m just getting into the game on PC, currently using a 360 controller but thinking about getting an Xbox One controller for when I play people on Xbox one irl. Any other reasons why an Xbox One controller would be better?

360 controllers have a garbage d-pad, I’d recommend Xbox One or that MKX 6 button controller.


The Bumpers are a little harder to press at first on the One controller but like almost anything you can get used to it.A huge advantage the XONE controller has is the Elite which basically lets swap your buttons and pads. But it costs an arm and a leg and I’ve heard from other people they don’t last that long.

IMO the Xbone D-pad sucks. If you’re happy with the 360 pad, keep it.

You want to through money away, I’d suggest you NOT get the Xbone pad and spend the money elsewhere.

I like the Xbox One controller better than the 360 controller by a large margin. The newer Xbox One controllers also made adjustments to the bumper buttons so now they are sensitive to pressure and can be pressed on either the outer or inner portion of the button.

Thing is, I don’t play KI with a controller though, I play using a fightstick, but I still do play shooters, and that’s why I give preference to the One’s controller design over the 360’s. It just feels more comfortable.

However, I would recommend that if you could get a One controller to compare and see if you like it, do that first. Being able to try one before you buy can help a lot.

Also, unless you are REALLY wanting to get invested in KI competitively, I would NOT recommend the Elite controller, that’s a lot of extra investment to take a chance on.

I have to agree, I never liked the 360 Dpad. It’s too wobbly and all over the place, and sometimes after they get worn in, they get a little less responsive or can require excessive pressure to register.

I love the dpad on the elite controller. I won’t even use anything else. (To be fair, I haven’t had the chance to use fight sticks, their too rich for my blood)

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Oh yeah, I can’t fault the pad for shooters, but for some weird reason the D-pad is useless for fighters when I use it.

Quarter circles, DP motions, no matter what I do, they’re never consistent. I never had such problems with the 360 pad, so I still hold to my original opinion that the Xbone pad is useless for fighters.