XBL Gamer Tags And Twitter Here;

We had this before and it was great! New users might find this handy too plus the most value place you can have a strong community is on Xbox Live.

So are you Looking for hardcore Killer Instinct fans of all styles of skill? Then post and add form here:

Xbl: Wanda Maximoff
Twitter: @raywand


Hi Ray :wink: John Sp4rtan on Twitter, Filemoncio on XBL, Filemon204 in the old forums, Albert IRL :smile:

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The beautiful thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s username is their Xbox Live Gamertag.

I highly, highly suggest that you all take the time to fill out your profiles as they give a wealth of information, and only require one click on someone’s name to view. Super nice.

Edit: Oh, and just to add I am @rukizzel on Twitter. Actually I am rukizzel everywhere!



UncannySilk on XBL. No X1 yet, but hopefully this year is the lucky year for X1.

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Sppaarrtta! Your on ny xbox live already :slight_smile: i added you to twitter!

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Ah uncanny i hope you do too this year is fantastic for Xbox One easy my best console!

Great to see a Ki fan whos isnt playing on the forums too!

The username = gamertag thing is kinda weird. >__<

MR ninja i just added you… not a bad gamer score either :slight_smile:

I’m always down for some rounds!

Twitter sucks. But the Xbox is pretty cool.

Edit – Huh, my gamertag is ‘el panel0n’. So spaces are not a thing here?

Mine was always wanda so no differencr here

its hard to copy and past ur gamer tags on my phone at the moment… my phone wants to copy ur gamer tag link… not the txt oddly

@rukizz3l would love an easy add to xbox live button? Is that completely impossible? It would be amazing to have all the KI dudes on live.

Untill then maybe its better to write your gamer tag and twitter here so we can copy and paste easy into smart glass ? :slight_smile:

Spaces don’t appear right now, and actually your gamertag doesn’t check them. That way, no one can have “elpanel 0n” and steal your name.

We’ll get spaces back in if we can for name display.


It’s a weird Xbox thing. Technically the Xbox doesn’t recognize spaces. So on the front end your name is el panel0n but it is recognized by Xbox as “elpanel0n.” If you were to search with the space or without it’d still lead to your profile, but the way our service calls to get your Gamertag causes it to display without the null space.


That’s a very good suggestion, and something that I totally want to see in future iterations of the forums. Hopefully we can make it come to life.

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Mine has a space too.

Wanda maximoff

Ive had it for a while so i guess maybe it was the old xbl that allowed spaces.

Tedakin on twitter and xbl.

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Ahh, I see. Cool info to know. Thanks.


GalacticGeek on here and on Twitter; Galactic Geek on XBL; TheGalacticGeek on YouTube. :wink: