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Which of these characters from the Mega Man X series do you prefer and/or like the most?

As for me here I like ALL of the main characters/protagonists from the MMX series: X, Zero, AND Axl :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

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I’m a huge Zero fan! My favourite games in the entire Mega Man franchise are the Megaman Zero series, MMX4 and MMX8, and I play as Zero in all of them. I’m also loving him in SNK VS Capcom: Chaos, which is otherwise a pretty bad fighting game, and I was so happy to see him return in Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite (though the game otherwise looks kinda bad) along with X.

MMX7 was one of the worst games in the entire franchise, but I grew to like Axl in MMX8 and Command Mission as well. He is a neat addition, but came in rather late in the X series and debuted in a bad game, but I like how he turned out in those later games.

X is cool and all, but in my opinion, he pales compared to Zero. I loved his secret Ultimate Armour in MMX4 though, he looked so awesome in that and I loved the Nova Strike he had while in that form.


Zero, because he has a badass lightsaber and is overall cooler.

X is a crybaby. In almost every game he whines about him being so pacifistic and anti-war, despite willingly take on task of slaughtering robots since first game.

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@anon39655210 I got a couple of questions for you now:

  1. It is true that MMX6 was also a very, VERY bad and poor as well as unpopular and unsuccessful MMX game in the ENTIRE MMX series, yes?
  2. Are you still holding out hope for an all-new MMX sequel more specifically a MMX9 or have you already given up hope as well as lost faith in an all-new MMX sequel especially from Capcom aka (now once again) Crapcom?

MMX5, 6 and 7 were all pretty bad. MMKX5 tried something new which kinda failed, MMX6 tried to pick up from that, but couldn’t, and then MMX7 tried to put the series into 3D and failed. MMX8, however, made it 3D the RIGHT way, simply by keeping the 2D platform but the graphics 3D.

I’m not hoping for anything. Capcom hasn’t shown any interest in making a new Mega Man game, and considering their current situation with being low on money and their games not succeeding in sales (Street Fighter V failing hard at launch, for example), I doubt they will put any effort into a new Mega Man game. They are focusing on the franchises they can pull most money from, those being Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Marvel VS Capcom. Street Fighter V, as mentioned, failed though, but they keep pushing it forth with the help from Sony who is funding the game. And now they are hoping MvCI will be a success as well, though people are already disappointed in how it looks and the lacking roster.

X and Zero, as well as Sigma, are in MvCI though. Maybe that’s because Capcom is trying to see if they are popular enough for fans to buy the game, and if it becomes a success, maybe that means there will be a new Mega Man game in the near future.

Am I hoping for it though? No… but you never know.

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@anon39655210 Oh yeah, forgot to ask you this: Personally how did you feel about AND what were your own personal thoughts on Command Mission and Maverick Hunter X?

Both great games.
Command Mission is not a main MMX game, but rather a spin-off title, making a traditional turn-based RPG in the MMX world, and I thought it was fun! It was a good story with some fun twists and the battle system worked great.

Maverick Hunter X was a good remake of the original game, and I loved that you could play as Vile.

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Maybe off-topic, but I thought it would be worth sharing this short animation.

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VERY cool and neat artwork concepts of these possible potential Maverick Bosses for Mega Man X9 :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses:

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I’m following the guy on deviant art. He’s awesome at making MMX art!