X-Men slowly returning to gaming (FUTURE FIGHT CGI trailer)

Looks. Like the team that is making Marvel Vs Capvom Infinite to me! Same style and feel as the Captain Marvel reveal for Marvel vs Capcom

Now so far we have the return of marvel ultimate alliance 2 & the release of marvel heroes Omega for PS4

When is the injustice inspired MARVEL fighting game

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why did ann-marie do that move?? she hasnt got that power lol

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I thought it strange Phoenix crushes a flame bird in her hand

Storm looks awesome as always!

HAHAH Jean crushes the phoenix bird!

hehe she’s not phoenix! But hey i love jean!!!

looks ok tho!

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I just REALLY hope the next major marvel fighting game is in production.

More than any other fighting game ever I’d love to seee that happen in the next five years.

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Who is Shang-Chi!!!

Actually, Jean Grey had the Phoenix Force once, so yeah, she was Phoenix.

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Yes in a lot of marvel iterations Jean & Phoenix are same


Your right of course that in some marvel the distinction between host and perfect host outlines Jean and Phoenix to be one in the same but they both existed seperately and without each other.

No Jean isn’t the Phoenix. Jean is a mutant her powers are TK and telepathy.

The phoenix can be anyone… It doesnt start and stop with Jean and was around long before she was born, but it’s true that Jean was born in it’s image and drew n it’s power to be born.

The phoneix is powered by unborn energy that it harvests. When the force came for Jean she instead drew from it’s power to be born and that’s where that connection comes into play.

It’s also true that Jean is the perfect host for the Phoenix because of this…she is the Phoenix of the crown.

Is it her power? No! It’s like saying Wanda is all that is magic and creation… She of course isn’t… But she is the Nexus or gateway to it’s primal sources and can command that power like no one else.

You could say she IS magic and choas you could say she is the yang force to the Phoenix but the trust is she isn’t just like the Phoenix force magic and creative predates Wanda’s existence.

So Jean of course has been Phoenix but the Phoenix has its own mind and has been around since time began unlike Jean grey. It’s even failed jeans a few times too… Not allowing her to use her powers when the force itself prefers a different evolutionary path.

Just like hope summers who was born after M day. The Phoenix broke Wanda’s spell to allow just one more mutant to be born in it’s image.

Personally I prefer Jean on her own. She doesn’t even need the Phoenix force she’s is already an Omega level mutant and already too powerful for marvel without it :joy::joy:

There are very few bad guys that can take Jean on as a mutant let alone a host of the Phoenix

I already know all of this.
My point was that as depicted in the trailer, Jean has the Phoenix Force.

But you seemed to find it odd for some reason, I just explained to you why it wasn’t.

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Yes @WandaMaximoff we know the whole story of Phoenix
It comes down to when you say Phoenix the general consumer knows who that is, the red head mutant of Xmen
No one would mistake Phoenix as say mystique or storm, or even rachel or Betsy as the entity has found other hosts people still equate Phoenix with jean grey because it’s the most popular incarnation

We are talking face value here not Deep meta comic timeline layered host possibilities. :+1:t2:

Public : jean grey= Phoenix

Marvel doesn’t have this character listed as ‘Jean, not Phoenix’ , she’s PHOENIX

Again, jean grey(PHOENIX)

On a lighter note lol

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As much as I like the Scarlet Witch, there’s a character alike her that I prefer… which also happens to be a really cool “Premiere” skin for her in Marvel Heroes…


I haven’t played Marvel Heroes in a long while, but he and Psylocke were my go-to characters. As soon I found out he was a skin for Wanda, I just had to get it. :heart:

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Is that you? lol

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Omg certainly notlmao

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Wow I never knew it was male I thought it was just her alternate

Wiccan and his twin brother are children of the Scarlet Witch and Vision, however, Wanda had to draw on magical energy to be able to get pregnant and give birth to her sons. And it was revealed that the magical energy came from the evil demon Mephisto who took the energy back which killed the twins.

The two brothers were then somehow reincarnated, but not as brothers, yet they still looked exactly alike other than hair colour. While Wiccan had inherited the magical powers of their mother, his twin brother Speed inherited Quicksilver’s speedy power, and the two of them found each other and became part of what is known as the Young Avengers.

I have only read up on some of those characters, but I am very interested in them and the Young Avengers. And after having read up on Wiccan, he’s quickly become a favourite character of mine. Not to mention he is gay and is in a relationship with Hulkling who is a strong shapeshifter also part of the Young Avengers. :heart:

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You should have seen my wanda :smiley: HAHAHAH

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Wiccan is amazing!

shame young avengers went WAY too teen for me! they killed it!

I have! Seen it on your FB page or somewhere on here.