Wulf players S3 Wulf

So what do you think of the Wulf do far? I’m mixed about him but I only played for about 30 minutes.

Not a fan at all :frowning:
I don’t know if it’s Wulf himself that just feels super sluggish or if its Season 3 altogether that feels slower compared to season 2. But somethings feels way off. Not just the moves that we know they added extra frames to, but ALL of his moves and movement feel like you’re playing underwater or something.
I played for maybe 45 minutes yesterday and then called it a day. I’ll give it another shot today, but the game feels like it may have finally run its course for me.


I like that wulf has more options but so far still taking a while to adjust. I still feel overall wulf was nerfed again. They slowed him down too much.

Anyone else not able to cancel out of cr. Hk? For example if an opponent jumps in I can no longer cancel cr hk into running uppercut. Not sure why IG has to ■■■ with this stuff.

Overall I’ve played one match and between China Town stage, new lighting , level 4 enders I really disliked it. When the game is still (no fighting ) it does look nicer but once you start battling it visually a mess. Too much visually going on. Very distracting and the players gets lost into the background on that stage IMO.

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There is a definite change in Wulf at least I noticed. Was playing while the game was finishing downloading. However I did a quick test with a few season 3 characters the response timing was pretty flawless. After the game finished downloading I tried Wulf again. Not feeling him. I’m going to play him more today to get a feel for what he’s like before I put the Wulf down.

Have you tried any other characters? Most seem to be going to Kim. Her mix up game and speed remind me of Wulf. Tusk reminds me of the damage he had.

I Totally agree with you

I feel him slower too =(

And I find his overhead pretty much useless now (against good players)
Also, autocorrect on his eclipse was maybe too much compared to other characters? Nah, his overhead is worst because is sooo visible. People can react to him pretty well now.He’s not longer an easy pick for those who don’t care to master him. That’s a pro, but yes, there’s a lot of muscle memory to adjust and new setups to find out.

There’s going to be a new way to play Wulf, but people is breaking my juggles with ease. Maybe is time to apply more CC, but such a risk…However the flip out break helps in a way in tge combo breaking game, I still need to get used to it.

He is slow I agree. I don’t even do leaping slash it’s horrible. Plus that ground bounce crap is irritating to me. Wulf is officially a juggler now I’m not a juggling person.

I like the new lighting and the detail but I DESPISE the level 4 enders seeing now on my own TV it looks worse in person. It’s so choppy. :confused: and disorienting.

No auto correct on the Eclipse IMO was too much. I’m not a juggler needless to say I hate that ground bounce.

Playing him more right now. I don’t think I’ll keep the Wulf though to be honest.

He’s still good but way different. I understand why they rebalanced him the way they did, his good match-ups are worse now and his bad match-ups are a little better. Dive slash and run/hamstring buffs help with zoners and the leaping slash nerf helps even out the match-ups where he has no trouble getting in.

My favorite new tool by far is the flipout cr.LK. It gives a lot of options to go straight into another combo after a launcher ender.

I don’t like that leaping slash doesn’t combo off of cr. MP anymore. Seems odd to me to have a special that can be blocked after being hit with a normal.

My biggest gripe is still with the nerf to instinct. Having more tools is great and all and I see the trade-off with overall non-instinct damage nerf. But when you gain instinct, the fact is that I have rarely ever seen feral cancel being used effectively whether it’s in my own online matches or the many streams they have shown over the past month. Supposedly it’s the best instinct in the game but that really is only at the very highest level of play. Even then they nerfed the feral cancel by adding a cooldown. He needs something more to instinct not just because it is difficult to execute properly but also because it just isn’t enough to be able to apply pressure and open up one maybe two combos that can be broken and deal less damage than before.

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That is exactly the same thing I noticed with ARIA. ARIA is so slow , her bomb linker is was made so slow it feels really weird. ARIA is horrible to play now.

I’ve seen a few people (pros BTW) with some nice moves etc with the S3 FC . Most though say the same that he’s overall slower. Something I’ve said since they debut the S3 change in the stream at the KIWC. Smh.

It’s cool though. That just means I’m moving on. Sadly. At least I can play S1 Wulf if I want.

I tried a few more matches and still finding his new moves and play style “different”. Im tired of relearning a character with every season update.

All they needed to do with tweak a few moves. Instead with all the changes its wulf 3.0. And personally not in a good way.

Why does IG feel the need to overhaul so much?

With each release IG puts out I’m finding myself less interested in this game.

I can say that from being a wulf ONLY player that is on daily… I have lost all interest in this game…

At least i can pump players with rash for fun… wulf is no longer viable.

Still a solid character. Just not as solid as he was.

The ground bounce off Ragged Edge is really good. No more getting away free because people jump away and get caught with it airborne.

Flip out is really good. Wulf can get 20% off juggles that used to be 15% because of RE ground bounce, but I highly suggest settling for a 15% or lower in order to end with a flip out reset…

S.HK stagger is good but you have to know when to set it up specifically.

Overhead is garbage now though. They need to make it safe on block. Experienced players will bop you for this hard.

Eclipse hitbox reduction is pretty slight but still annoying. I don’t see the reason behind nerfing it.

CR.HK ant air is now really good because RE ground bounce follow-ups for better dammy and Flip Out resets.

Flip out is scary enough to get your opponent trying to break it, so I started doing CR.MK into lockout juggles. Very good damage.

I see alot of Wulfs still trying to get away with pressing buttons after Running Uppercut. Definitely need to avoid that.

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Here’s my 2 cents…

Wulf is just as viable as before, if not better.

Yes, he’s not as easy to use but when he clicks with you, damn, he’s amazing.

If you want easy mixups and relentless rushdown like season 1/2 Wulf, maybe Rash would be a better option but if you want endless reset options, stick it out with Wulf and do the grind.

His stagger is a great, flipout is viable and he can now convert juggles from so many options it hurts.

His new diving slash is unreal for closing gaps, baiting punishes and special control. It’s not an out and out attack but if you use it more as a dash replacement you’ll do just fine.

Basically, don’t write him off, put in the work and you’ll see EXACTLY what Iron Galaxy intended him to be. He’s not a weaker version of his season 2 counterpart, he’s smarter, wulfier and better.

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It seems to me as if Wulf has gone from being a beginner friendly character, which he was in Season 1, to being a character that only experts are gong to be effective with. Being able to use ground bounces and juggles effectively, are things that are beyond the skills of the average player. And similarly, it was very rare to see feral cancels being used in Season 2 ranked. And even that has been nerfed. If you’re not high level, Wulf has gone way down the pecking order since S1, that’s for sure. The character is markedly worse, unless you’re in the 5 or so percent who are able to play the game at the highest level.

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