Wrath Resets

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a bit, not to mention not being able to play for about six months (had to get my fight stick fixed). Thought now I might as well share it.

Hope it’s at least interesting.

(Link incoming in a bit, youtube still doing its thing).



This is really cool. Knew you had forever and a day to confirm, but didn’t realize it extended long enough for a full wrath refill. That’s pretty disgusting actually XD

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Yeah, I discovered it in the lab on accident when season 3 first started. Kept it under wraps because I’m selfish :clown_face:

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Just kidding… That’s actually really cool.

I refuse to get hit by this by you :triumph:

But yes, very cool.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m usually ticking into something after heavy air-ORZ (in case it gets blocked), so very rarely will I be waiting to see the confirm on that one. I don’t use medium air-ORZ unless your name is Cinder, so you won’t have to worry about it there either.

I really like this, great job

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