Would you participate in a community fund to help start a KI comic book or cartoon?

I would certainly be interested. Look how Injustice turned out. It’s a huge success! I know the comic is already based off of DC characters, but the quality of comic book has me so much more interested in the game.

I think the same could happen with a KI comic book, cartoon, or web series.

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An anime in the style of One Punch man, yes. Cartoon… no. Comic Book? Maybe but I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t even buy regular comics.

Or KI graphic novels or novelizations for that matter :smile: :sunglasses:

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Actually… No. I think there are better things more directly-related to the game itself that we could be investing in…

Nope. I do have the old KI comics, they aren’t very good either.

I’ve said before, a community-driven graphical adaptation that either is an alternate timeline version or follows the tangential stories of this iteration (kinda like the Arrow comics) would be pretty sweet. Save the community fund for in-game options.

A digital comic maybe but its not something which appease the majority if the key reward for a fun drive.

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