Would you like Rare themed accessories?

If we got more accessories for each character, would you like one set to be themed after Rare IPs? For example Sabrewulf getting a Sabreman costume. I of course hope other sets would be added as well.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes but only if we get other sets as well

YES! I’ve wanted this from the start. Instead of adding Banjo to the game i’d just be happy if Sabrewulf get his backpack etc and maybe his color palete. Think it’s a much better answer than added them all as guest characters.

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It would be cool.
Some examples:
Sadira/ARIA: Dark Queen accessories
Aganos: Rash’ Giant boot, Zitz drill/Pimple giant anvil for his hand accessory
Orchid: Joanna Dark suit
Glacius: Jet force Gemini armor
Sabrewulf/Riptor: Viva Piñata suit
Sabrewulf: Banjo’s backpack
Orchid/Maya: Kameo suit
Hisako: Mini-Gruntilda suit
Glacius: Skedar’s color and accessories


If that’s the case, then Cinder should have just had a Rash costume.

Just kidding!

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Cinder= Juno’s Helmet, Jet Pack and boots
Orchid= Vela hair and Skirt w/ boots
Hisako= Grunty’s hat, Broom and Striped Scarf (worn around waist)
Sabrewulf= Banjo’s Yellow shorts, and Sharktooth necklace, red feathered Masquerade mask based on KaZooie
Glacius= Blue Ant’s Thorax, antenni, black pincers
Riptor= Klongo’s labcoat and Goggles

Sure but I’d rather see more original designs first.

Yeah! More rareware references! There should be game mode like test your luck where rare characters and tools as npc interfere on the battle. Just a thought.

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I always liked to think that Thunder’s bear head was Banjo and that Riptors red and gold feathers made her a distant ancestor to the elusive breegull.

Lol! Headcanon accepted