Would you appreciate a character viewer

What do you guys think
For 2 years people have asked for a character viewer
Similar to MKX character viewer
Imagine seeing your fave character being able to zoom in and see their taunt


That definitely would be appreciated.

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yes i would.
good idea

Isn’t this already in the game? Simply go to the store’s character section and press a button (Y or X I think it was).

yeah it is … in costume select … not seeing animations…

arg! just can’t stop thinking about new UI, so frustrating

Season 1 had a zoom in feature of the stance.
Season 2 cropped all of the extras

It omitted the standing animations and ability to see the taunts of the characters, it was simply a rotating character that wiggled.

Most should know exactly what im talking about if you have MKX.
Another great character viewer can be found in MVC3, and that one is unique in that it lets you listen to the character theme.

If you like the idea, help our voice be heard.

I’m fairly certain there was a reason for this that the devs have explained in the past as to why they removed certain things from S1 into S2 regarding this “character viewer” concept - I think it had to do with some sort of bug or glitch that they couldn’t figure out how to overcome. Still, you’re welcome to re-ask them if you want. :wink:

Until a dev actually says that, your opinion is null and void.

id love stuff like this!

lets throw our money at it!


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…but it’s not an opinion…

@BblackorchidD and @GalacticGeek stop argueing lol!

be nice to each other!


Not a bad idea. Though rule34 photoshoppers will likely abuse this lol

Would be nice to have it, although I would appreciate ultimates more.

We used to be able to view/zoom

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Yea this is just one of those things that I doubt they’ll ever get around to doing…I mean the game has been out for 2 years and we STILL don’t have such a simple feature that almost every other fighting game has. I would love to see it happen though

Glad to know it is anissue even if people dont speak up about it.
I believe certain things are intentionally overlooked

It could really help players see any glitches or clipping in character models to give feedbacks to the developers. It would be awesome to have the extended story for each character on a right side before zooming in on the character.