Would it be cool to have a chatroom for us KI fans?

Hey guys, absol here!
Soooo…this came to mind, since I have discord and such, I was thinking… why not I make a discord KI chatroom, based on this place, we all get to talk in real time of KI and stuff or off-topic stuff. how about it?

i typically don’t join game-related discord channels because people tend to be jackasses to each other more often since the communication is so much more instant. and most “gamers” who try to play moderator do a really bad job honestly.

i think there’s already a KI discord, i left pretty quickly though because people kept making autism/aspergers/triggered “jokes”.

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oh, well I thought i throw it out there to where, the nicer people are about, that I invite and all a secret KI discord one. but I understand. I’m sorry you had to go through that

I just thought I get your guys is opinions :slight_smile:

i don’t think it’s a “bad” idea inherently of course. just that i personally have had enough negative experiences trying to get involved in big group chatrooms that it doesn’t particularly appeal to me. i’m sure there are plenty of other folks who would be down for it tho.

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well, I understand :slight_smile:

yeah its a bad idea, i offend enough people on here apparently. put me in a chatroom and it’ll be D.O.A

I think it would work better if we had like a facebook groupchat. I know how risky that could be though.

For me discord has a lot of shitposting… and not the fun kind. Due to anonymity, people feel free to act like jerks.