Worst choice for character

I have seen quite a few questionable character suggestions. I figured for a good laugh how about we pick the guys that would never show up in ki. Nothing is off limits here, the more absurd, the funnier it is.
Couple opening candidates
Barney the dinosaur
Beavis and butthead
Banjo kazooie
Three stooges


Shadow Orchid

*Grabs popcorn


Awesome. What kind of antics can we get her into? How bout orchid vs shadow orchid with character captions.
S Orchid: quit hitting yourself. Why you hitting yourself?

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Eh, Conker and Banjo/Kazooie arent entirely out of the realm of possibility (they’re technically already in the game) Heck they’re more likely than any guests from non-Microsoft IPs that people throw around.

OK so who is your candidate for worst character and what kind of dumb stuff can we make em do?

How about fulgore vs Bart Simpson. Next question, are we using the Bart Simpson from before or after fulgore stepped on him

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The Wiggles
Dora the Explorer

Awesome now we gotta pair em with someone. How bout we put the teletubbies against kilgore. They’re long overdue for their firing squad.

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Now I’m a bit surprised you didn’t put Ori as one of the possible potential opening candidates AND guest characters in KI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh that would be hilarious. Let’s put Ori against eyedoll and watch Ori get stepped on.

Power Rangers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Street Sharks
Double Dragon

If we are getting power rangers we need one of the characters to be gigantic. So let’s put them against either a giant eyedoll or a giant riptor.

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Or even better either the Battle Zords or Megazords :grin:

Or Sadira in her Web Traps

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Yeah. I like that. I’ve been picking the matches that would be hilariously short lived. Like uh riptor vs sonic. Chomp, belch, game over winner riptor

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Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Yami Yugi

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Big Rigs Truck: Can go over any terrain without effort, can hit plaid while going in reverse, quantum-phasing molecular mechanics to go through solid objects, and best of all: you can’t lose. You’re winner! Yes, you are winner, indeed.


Beat me to it.


Dante and Virgil

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What if Ori was a guardian in SL like the halo monitor?