World Heroes now on Xbox One

I was surprised to log in this morning and see World Heroes - an old Neo Geo fighting game designed to imitate SF2 that stands out from other SNK fighters because it plays like a Capcom game. Not the greatest fighter ever made by a long shot but an interesting bit of nostalgia for collectors.


I seen this before! The Ryu clone shoots lion head fireballs or something. I thought it looked pretty cool to be honest. Im gonna check it out when I get home.

It was a nice surprise, hopefully it means more NeoGeo classic fighters might turn up.

There’s already a ton of these in the backward compatability list, in case you missed them. Not the whole SNK library but an awful lot of them.

I must be thinking of something else but this looks cool. They have another on with 2 games combined called fu fu combo or something LOL

Yeah, I would probably encourage people to skip this. It’s not a very good port. It has all kinds of slowdown and frame drops - which is inexcusable. This game could run on my calculator, but they can’t make it work on Xbox One…

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Was that the one that caused a lawsuit back in the 90s because it played and looked extremely similar to SF2?
I might be thinking of another FG.

No, I think this one was different enough - the characters are significantly different designs.

EDIT: The game you are thinking of is “Fighter’s History” from Data East.


Thats the one Im thinking of…yeah Fighters history… thanks @BigBadAndy

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