Wizardry problems

Man, i love Eyedol he’s a beast!

However that’s all I can do with him, the mage head is making me scratch mine in confusion. Just how am I supposed to play him? He’s not like any of the other zoning characters I’ve played in KI, I mean I’m used to being able to combo off of my ranged stuff to a certain extent but this guy doesn’t really do that. He’s just not clicking with me which is a shame because I’m totally clicking with the warrior!

Treat him as zoning with jago: it’s all about keeping them away, taking off hp and building up shadow metre.

I don’t know the coverage just feels spotty, I’m not a great player but I main Glacius. People get in on me a lot easier than I would like and his teleport is garbage for anything other than guaranteed hits like juggles and stuff.

Yeah the teleport looks like its best used as a follow up.

You’ll have to just practice to get familiar with the specific ranges and timings of his zoning. Again, your not gonna get massive damage out of it like some other zoners in this game.

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So he gets only 3 AD’s. And what’s the point of charges for warrior again? I don’t see any way to use them.

Warrior can use charges to dash and jump cancel.

Ah yes, now I remember, Didn’t say that in the command list.

…during any normal or special move.

There. I finished it for you.

It’s really, really good.

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