Wizard character idea


Let me tell you that your work is amazing. Its a joy to open up your threads, im not linking this one though.


That… Actually looks really good. I was originally a bit “meh” on the idea of a wizard style character, but this kinda gets me excited.

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Isn’t Kan-RA TECHNICALLY a WIZARD? still looks neat though.

Actually Kan-Ra is a SORCERER in his case

And there is a difference between Sorcery and Wizardry (according to D&D anyway)…
I just don’t remember it off the top of my head.
I think it wa something along the lines of Wizards using books and wands n’ stuff to cast their magic, while sorcerers just kinda do it ala Shia Labeouf.
Think Harry Potter vs Avatar

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I don’t quite know this myself cause honestly when I hear sorcerers and wizards I think of magic casters who use magical items or otherwise to cast their spells. I honestly have a hard time seeing the actual difference, but I’m open to a more specific definition.

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