With all these armoured characters, 1 important fact you need to know

Hitting an armoured character counts as a blocked hit so:

-Jago will not heal off his fireballs (just lost a Gargos fight due to this :cry: )
-Fulgores plasma bolts will give the opponent loads of meter
-Maya WILL gain dagger pips on each dagger toss
-Omen’s instinct fireballs will not seal enemy shadow meter
-RAAM’s kryll explosion thing will not poison your opponent
-Eyedol’s teleport will not give you a red pip.

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I think constant armor opponents is my biggest complaint.

Shadow moves clear the armour away pretty fast, and there are so many ways to get extra meter in this mode.

Characters with really good heavy normals don’t even notice armor. Jago, Sabrewulf, and Riptor can take them out with ease.

Didn’t Keits say armor is treated like a whiff? That’s what made Raam’s kryll different than regular armor, it’s treated like block.

I’ve noticed that omens instinct seems to do more damage than it should. Also how is it that your able to ply as eyedoll?