Witcher 3 Blood & Wine

The new expansion is finally here! Anyone playing this??

New witcher armor, check!
New mutation system, check!
New weapons, check !
90 (?)new quests, check!
New color system for armor, check!
Bojima gettting crazy, check!

I really want to start again from the beginning someday.

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I just recently got Witcher 3 and just started playing this week.
Are the expansion content AFTER you finish the game or something that happens DURING the game? Like, are they extra chapters that is put on after the story is done, or can I do them during?

you can do the expansion after or during the main game. However, there are level requirements (at least level 30+) or mission related requirements before you can do certain missions.

So there are a couple of ways,

  • you can start a game normally and the missions from the expansion will automatically appear once you meet the requirements (there are sometimes certain quests that need to be completed first). or,
  • you can also, at least for Blood & Wine dlc, start with a predetermined character with an appropriate level and gear and directly do the dlc portion.
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Going to finish Uncharted 4 & reach 50 with all KI chars first. Then i’m ready!

I still have to get back on the base game of Withcer 3! … just too many games to play ughhhh! Im going to get on the Witcher once Bloodborne and DS3 is done.
But Ive made it a little ways on Witcher…I got stuck with the White witch down in some cave…I cant figure out how to open the door!

omg Witcher 3 is so goood, and i heard this expansion is absolutely wonderful! i need to get it…but i still need to beat the base game lol, there is TOO MUCH to do in it and its so awesome haha

yeah, very annoying all these games. I was playing DS3 but I have been taken out of my rhythm by Witcher 3. Was going to play just half an hour, but it has already been 3 hours now that I am playing Blood & Wine. Harder and harder to get back to DS3.

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Yeah I do the same with Bloodborne…I bounce back n forth from DS rto BB and KI. But BB always takes over and I end up staying up till 3am every time!

Started playing today. So far so good. Only thing i’ve done so far is beating the giant. Then my game crashed :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit later in the game and I’m loving it.
W3 is soo darned good.
Just sitting watching all the cutscenes, the talks, discussions, tavernchats. So fun!

Me too. That’s all I’m doing. Now going for grandmaster armor and then back to doing nothing but Gwent , lol

Been playing alot of this game basibasic whenever I get the chance its awesome.

Aaaaand i’m done.

Are you done yet Bojima? If not, how far in are you?

I did only like three or four main story missions. But I am now collecting grandmaster armor. Doing a lot of side quests. And you?

I just said " Aaaaand i’m done." What could that mean? :wink:

I’ve done it all. All sidequests, all main quests, all questionmarks and like you are doing now. I even went to get a grandmasterset, and it nearly cost me every single goldcoin I had ^^ (but now there are better armorpieces outside of my set)

I see you’re not too far into the main questline. I am going to give you a tip without spoiling anything.
There will be a branch in the storyline later on. When the quest tells you to do xxxx ■■■ xx xxxxxxx OR xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx. (just make sure the ‘or’ is there, x’s are replacement for words)
When you get there, make a hard manual save. If you want to see a couple of different quests and endings, just reload that save once you’re done with the first :slight_smile:

I’m glad I did both. Both are good but I prefer one over the other. (who knows, might be more than 2 ways it can play out…)


Forgive me for my poor reading skills, lol.
Been doing DS3 and Witcher quests simultaneously.

Thanks for the advice! I would have screwed up there.

Wow, impressive. Yeah my coin is already pretty low. Been doing quests for coin and selling junk too. :slight_smile:

So what game is next for you?

Aside from games I spent a day catching up on Game of Thrones. This season is so far better than the previous 2. But it is starting to suffer the same fate the show Revolution did. Feels like more & more is a -get captured - get resqued scenario.

Gamewise. Raam to lvl 50. After that. Who knows. Maybe put some more hours into Overwatch. Blops 3. Doom. All things multiplayer until lego star wars ep 7. Feels good not having a long rpg on the radar.

As for the Witcher 3. I want to start over one day. To side with Yennefer(but how can I do this? How can I turn down my darling Triss? :P) or just play the game and explore the world and find nice vistas.

I don’t know if you’re further into B&W but man. It’s a damn good expansion and you’re in for a very cool surprise :wink:

Oh, and don’t play DS3 & W3 simultaneously :S 2 enormous games at the same time swapping back & forth? Sounds rough. I usually stick to 1 major game to get it done, I learned that lesson once when I played 4 or 5 games.

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Yeah, that’s why I’m just doing side quests in B&W. I want full attention when doing the main quest. Therefore, I’m sort of just leveling up and enjoying non story quests. My main focus is still DS3.

As for Trish, I turned her down on the very, very last chance. Lol. Still faithful to Yen. I like bossy characters I guess :blush:

I will start over after B&W too.

I finished it but I am ashamed to ask: what was the surprise? Lol.

Really enjoyed it by the way. I still have to go for the bad ending too…

Who did you side with when things went bad? Did you go after the sister or did you run off after the vampire?

I went after the sister. :slight_smile: