WIP: Pre-recorded Gamer's World Tournaments to be streamed!

Hello KI community. This is something that will be fine tuned as the tourneys go on in the future and evolve as time goes on. Currently there is a recording for the tourney that took place on 12.4.15 The matter of what I’m trying to find out is what day is and time would be appropriate to stream the recording. This first recording is very rough and very much so a WIP so nothing too out there. I realize that Sundays would just get crushed out and for the fact that I’m not trying to step on any toes possible for any other tourneys that are streamed for example 8 bit beatdown. If there is a day that you guys are interested in watching these as they evolve the channel link is: www.twitch.tv/themultigamerchannel . Please post what you guys think as this is more for you guys to see us and our experiences as this local tournament grows.

I would say Wednesday’s or Saturday’s at 5pm CST because there’s not really any KI tourneys on those days and it’s a perfect start time like the other tournaments