Windows 10 version crashing during "Checking DLC and Syncing Shadows"

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Hello. So I’ve tried contacting Xbox support, doing all these things to try and fix this issue but no luck.

So I got a new laptop recently, and I use the Windows 10 store version of KI due to it having all my Xbox progress that I’ve had since the game came out back in 2013. When I launch the game, it goes through the splash screen, and then the title screen. I click start, and then it goes: “Checking downloadable content and syncing shadows” and then immediately crashes to desktop with no error message or any of that.

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Can you list your laptop’s full specs? Firstly, let’s make sure the system is properly up to snuff for the game.

Windows 10 Home
Intel i7 processor 2.60 GHZ 6 cores
Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060

I can probably send my dxdiag file if you want

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No need, your system is more than able to handle the game.

Are you using the latest drivers for your video card, and the latest Windows Updates?

If so, have you tried Resetting the App? Start Menu>Settings>Apps>Killer Instinct>Advanced Options>Reset

If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend uninstalling and re-installing the entire thing.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried all of that, and it still doesn’t work.

Okay. There’s less trouble shooting options with Windows Store games since you can’t properly access the files. You’ve already gone through Xbox Support, I’d suggest Microsoft Store’s Support and see if they can help.

I’m also tagging @KRAKENJIMMY. He worked on the game, and though the game is done, he occasionally pops by and helps people with support issues.

I will guess we’ll have to wait for them then. I’ve tried the Microsoft Store support as well, and it unfortunately didn’t help.