Windows 10 Save Data Problem. Please Help!

When booting up KI on Windows 10 I get a screen that asks what save data to use.
There are 2 options. 1. Use data saved on Windows 10 & 2. Use Cloud Save
I had this issue a few months ago and used option 1.
This really messed things up and I had some direct support working on the problems it caused.

I was told that If I were to see this again to post the issue.
I’m a daily KI Streamer and I went to play when this issue started again.
Here is my stream showing the issue - Goto about 10min in!

As you can see I’m stuck at this option.
What option should I choose??
I stream at 11am Mountain Time until whenever.
If you want to stop in and ask to see the issue directly I’ll be more than happy to do so.
I will be playing something different but I’ll have no problem switching to show the issue.

Thanks for your time!

I recommend posting this in the official bug thread to maximize its exposure to the dev team, since they review that thread the most of anything on the forums.