Windows 10 not showing bought content

I have always bought the ultimate editions for every season. after downloading the windows 10 version game runs fine except it doesn’t show any of my content. its acting like I don’t own any of the editions.

has anyone fix this?

microsoft support has had me sign out sign in for the store and xbox. reboot, and reinstall, now they tell me just give it a couple days it should fix itself… SMH…

any ideas?

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Did you go on the Xbox One first and let it sync before starting the PC version of the game? because that was the first thing you’re suppose to do is go on there let the One sync it up then you can start the PC version and you will have all you’re previously owned content

yes. my save game synced and my character stats synced just can only play as Wulf

it even said save game uploaded you can now play on windows 10.

I keep seeing people reply with this, but that isn’t even true.

The syncing is for your save file, it syncs all of your progress. That has nothing to do with this game not recognizing your actual purchases.

I loaded up my Xbox One version an hour before the PC version was even done downloading and I still don’t have access to Season 2 or 3, but I have access to only Season 1 + Shadow Jago. Everything works fine on my Xbox One and it syncs the save file each time you go from platform to platform. The issue lies elsewhere.

same thing mine is doing. on my xbox everything is there shago color 10 and 11 everything but on the PC got nothing

Has this been fixed I’ve been having the same issue, it even shows the – in the price to show the content was already purchased

bumping so these guys get help

I am actually having this same issue, I’ve alreadysynced my data and I played on a different computer but it couldnt handle the game very well. I Built a whole new machine and my season 1 content shows but none of season 2 and 3 even though it shows in store its purchased. I have been fighting to make KI work for me on pc with jerry rigging my TE2 to function on windows 10 since there is no driver… and now my content wont show? please lord have mercy on me I just want to learn how to play RAAM. Anyone ever find a fix?