Windows 10 July 4 update killed my PC

My PC has been crashing every two minutes, always giving a different listed error. I have finally used my work laptop to create a system recovery disk and I’m attempting to restore an earlier timepoint. In looking at the list of options, it appears there was a Windows 10 update this morning. Is anyone else having this problem?

I can’t say I am. I’ve had my PC on all morning, and everything’s running as usual.
I just looked, and it hasn’t updated in a couple of weeks though. :confused:
Maybe it won’t update until they get all of that stuff sorted out.

I haven’t had any issues, as of yet.

How old is your PC? Make/ Model… There are a few factors that can cause a full crash.

It sounds like the update failed halfway through its installation process of which puts a device into a loop.

It’s maybe 3-4 years old? I built it myself. It’s an Asus motherboard and an i5 4600k processor? Something close to that…

Most of the time when you get a crash like this, it’s purely software. Chances are (of which is 99.9% of the problem), there was a brief connection loss during the installation phase, of which causes the update to not load right, ergo your issue.

If after the wipe, it continues to have issues, listen to the Beep Tones that sound out when your PC boots up. Believe it or not they are a quick way to diagnose an issue.

Beep Tones change based upon the issue.

Beep Tones will tell you if there is a hardware failure somewhere on your machine.

I’m not getting any beep tones. It now tells me I have no operating system and the recovery usb I made from my work laptop won’t work. I’m actually in the process of installing windows 8.1 off of my old disks…

Not for nothing, but this is why people don’t like PC gaming…

There is a lot of benefits to building your own PC, but at the same time, if something fails, it’s on you to fix it. However, in most circumstances the pros of custom built far out ways the negatives.

I suddenly have this image of your Glacius doing a triple ultra on your defunct PC. :smiley:

If Glacius could do a triple ultra, he would be doing it on my PC, then his ultimate and then taking a frosty dump on it…

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I’ve been there. Technology is wonderful, but when it fails… it fails hard.

Thanks for your sympathy. It’s killing my day but it’s a lazy holiday anyway. I don’t know why MS can’t manage to update without killing my PC…

In my world there are many reasons for an update to die. It could be anything from a brief data connection loss during the update, to (and also likely) bad registry somewhere on the PC. I also hear maining Glacius could cause PC issues, as his tech doesn’t jive with ours. Might need to switch to Sadira to fix that. :stuck_out_tongue:


only if drinking glass isn’t an option…

I’ve reinstalled Windows 10 and it seems to be running stably. I will get around to putting all my software etc. back on as I need to.

Ugh. PC just crashed again with a random error “driver overran memory stack.” Starting to look like a hardware issue. Now what…

I scanned the disk and found no errors and no threats. It’s just one of the random errors it pops up with.

How’s your PC?

Also and totally unrelated… I don’t think I’ve ever played you before in KI! :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking. It seems okay, although when I got up this morning it had rebooted in the night. For some reason google chrome won’t run and KI has crashed a couple of times. But for the most part it’s okay.

I don’t think we’ve ever played either. We can certainly fix that, but todaybis a busy day and then I’m out of town for a week. So maybe once I get back.

No worries… I just had surgery so it will be a while for me too. :smiley: