Windows 10 fight stick and other games

Wasn’t sure where else to ask this, but my KI T.E. 2 works great on KI but it doesn’t seem to work anywhere else. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? I’d think games wouldn’t have to explicitly support fight sticks, and they’d just register as an xbox one controller… I can’t even get JoyToKey to notice it so I can fake keyboard controls. :frowning:

Yeah it’s not read as just an Xbox one controller so developers have to go out of their way and make it work for their games. So far i think only ig has bothered.


In the most boneheaded move ever, MS decided it made sense to make the D-pad plus 8 buttons that constitutes the Xbox Ine fightsticks guts a completely different animal than the Xbox One controller (or any other controller for that matter). So even in Xbox One a game has to be programmed specifically to work with this stick. On PC it’s the same. So don’t expect it to work with any PC games that aren’t published by MS now or in the future.

Did I mention how incredibly stupid this is?

That really sucks… Thanks for the info guys. Looks like for fighting games I have to keep an xbox fightstick for KI and a ps3/4 fightstick for JoyToKey. Yay PC master race… Great move MS.

yeah, a XBO stick is pretty useless on PC. for someone who is looking for a new stick I’d recommend to get a Xbox360 or Madcatz PS4 one (with the Xinput driver). you don’t have any problems with such a stick except for KI where you have to use an external tool like XOutput. while with an XBO stick it’s the other way around. it works fine with KI but you can’t use it for anything else, even tools won’t help you. to put it in a nutshell: avoid XBO sticks like the plague if you play on PC.

Given that this is Microsoft’s platform, you’d think we could expect better at some point… I don’t really know where to complain other than to hope that maybe the folks here at IG can pass the word on. At the least they could give us some kind of option for how to have windows recognize the stick, as a fightstick or controller.


I have been complaining about this since the S1forum. They don’t answer and frankly I can’t blame them. It’s “someone else’s department” and likely too late to do anything about it now. Maybe they pass along the feedback but I doubt it.