Windows 10 Arcade Stick use?

So i just got Ki for Windows 10 and i have a Mayflash PS2 PS3 PC USB Universal Arcade Fighting Stick not a great stick admitedly but i haven’t had on before and a buddy of mine got it for me. Long story less long i cant use it while playing KI do i need to have and adapter for it? On a side note the stick im wanting to get next is QANBA Q2 PRO LED BLACK PS3/PC Arcade Joystick. Although any advice on a intermediate user of a fightstick would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

Your current fightstick uses DirectInput, which will be supported in a future update.

To use your Mayflash stick now, you would need to use a program like XOutput, Joy2Key or x360ce.

Check if the fightstick you’re interested in has an XInput variant/mode, which will work natively with most PC games.

Well alright im going to give that a shot!

I disagree. Hori updated the rap 4 ps4/3 variant… Features:
PS4/PS3/PC System Toggle Switch

So as you can see this is a ps4/ps3 stick that actually has a dedicated pc toggle switch that enables xinput. This is an ideal stick as it is primarily for the best platform(s) for fighting games at the moment.

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I was not aware of that. Good on Hori for adding that feature.

The Qanba Q2 Pro is a horrible stick because it uses Qanba knock off parts which is garbage I have the Q1 and its complete garbage the buttons are sticking and squeaking very badly after just 1 week of use. Yes I am a heavy hitter and smasher buit thats no reason for it to fail so quick. Authentic arcade take a lot more jamming from me and hold up just fine.

My advice buy the Q1 and buy replacement genuine sanwa or seimitsu buttons and stick for it. For what its worth the Q1 uses the same switches that sanwa uses so u may not have to replace the sticks just the buttons. The stick works fine for me.

I mainly bought the Q1 for the case and PCB because its a beautiful well constructed solid case that you can’t find anywhere for this price I consider the buttons and stick to be just a free chinese knock off they added to it because if you tried to buy a case like this it would likely cost you more than this whole package,

Duly noted Hadu i havent choose a stick for sure yet that is just one i really liked looking at and the price isnt that bad i felt.

Best sticks for pc are 360 sticks or ps4 sticks with drivers

Is Hori EX 2 360 good for this game? I used to have one and thinking of getting it again.

I would buy something better that looks like ■■■ lol

Check craigslist

I’m using my “old” (man, has it really been that long?) RAP KAI for 360. Works beautifully.

This will tide me over until I can use my KI TE2 stick.

I admit that I have thought about swapping buttons on the KAI in the interim. I like the buttons, but the TE2 just “feels” better. And then it would only matter up until they release the support for TE2. lol Seems a bit of a waste of money, but I’m still tempted.