Win10 Xbox Nat open, and server connectivity is blocked

I followed all the things that I can find online, but I still cannot fix it, the server connectivity is always blocked.
can anyone help me fix it ?

I have had this problem myself.
The best I was able to do was get the server restricted.
Do you run any VPN software? Look in device manager
if you see something with VPN under network adapters,
delete it.

Also make sure that the Microsoft Toredo adapter
is visible under networking.

maybe try right clicking your start menu and typing
troubleshooting networking and have the built in networking
troubleshooter give it a go.

also Security and tweaking tools can disable
server and toredo. [My problem] my iobit software
has a harden mode wich knocks it off from time to time.

look into forwarding your ports.
what kind of fire wall are you using?

Going to make a batch file to run when KI is launched
that re enable toredo.

I have a simmilar problem! I can play online and upload shadows data, but i can not download shadow data. So im locked out of getting the daily shadow missions.
Also i can not get or send invites, but i can follow and and be followed in the xbox app.
Nat is open and i even added the toledo ports wich a friend of me had to open to play online at all.
The invites did however work on the first day and i somehow have some shadows saved in the game, because when i cancel the failed shadow download i can play a few.

Try resetting the modem and Xbox. I shut down the modem, then shut down the Xbox (power down, not put into sleep mode). Wait 1 minute. Power up modem. Wait till all the modem lights are on and ready. Then power on your Xbox. Check the settings again. Hopefully, it works.

Hello, have the same problem. I still cannot fix it, the server connectivity is always blocked. Should I contact a specialist? There are many software developers who can help me with that. Should I apply them to Do you have such experience? If so, please, write to me your thoughts on that.