Will this support KI or hurt it?

Honest question here. Since these tournaments apparently mean quite a lot to the future of KI and cause all types of ruckus whenever numbers are low, would it be a bad thing to show support by registering for these tournaments but don’t actually compete? I’m legitimately considering doing this if it will help. However, I’m not sure if registering but not showing up will make things worse. What do yall think? If there’s a tourney in Texas, I’m down, but I’m also a new father and an entrepreneur, so out of state travel is basically out of the picture for me for a while.

I think contributing to a pot bonus would drum up a lot more support and recognition. That’s a HUGE way DOTA2 got itself onto espn, Valve pumping up the pot bonus with those digital rewards for all who tossed in coin, all the way into the millions of dollars. They didn’t get there with number of active competitors

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Bet. Makes sense. I’m personally not worried about KI’so offline tournament numbers but instead of hearing folks speak negativity, I’d rather help get the situation better. @rukizzel Is there a way non-competitors can help with tournament pot bonuses (especially in exchange for digital goodies :D) ?


I am actually curious as to how to do that?

The only way I know to contribute is to buy the community projects that we had at the end of Season 2. I there another way to do so?

Yeah I am not really one who would be into entering tournaments since I get stage fright easily but I would love to contribute to KI’s tournament scene somehow if possible.

Perhaps a simple fund raiser for the tournament perhaps?

It’s totally up to the organizers to set up the fund and any donor rewards system to do that. Or I suppose some type of third party organization could be set up, that would then communicate with the organizers to give an extra bonus to any tournament

You mean like a community fund? Now thats just crazy talk…:wink: